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the alphabet

the alphabet

By i_am_created_hell

there was a little boy called James.
his teacher wanted him to learn the alphabet
so he went home that night and asked his mum is mum was on the phone. " mum what the first letter of the alpha bet"
she replied " shut up " so he went to his dad" wats the second letter of the alpha bet " he was playing darts " 180 " so he went to his older sister she had her boyfriend round he said " what's the 3rd letter of the alpha bet " lets settle lets have sex "
he went to his 3 years old brother what is the 4th letter off the alphabet "
" driving in my broom broom car "
he went to school the first thing the teacher said was " did you learn your alpha bet " he replied " why yes yes i did "
" what is it then said the teacher
" shut up " she said how many detention do you think your going to get for that? " 180 "
Dont be cheeky " okay okay lets settle this lets have sex "
how do you think you r going to get away this this ?
in my little broom broom car

plz rate from amy pickeirng

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17 Oct, 2010
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