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The Angel
The Angel

The Angel

FabioLanzoniAaron Sebastians

“Okay,” she said to my morning eyes,

“So you got the numbers to call, food is in the fridge, water the plants twice a day, feed Mitt every four hours, don’t eat food in the family room and just watch over the place. Good?”

I shook my head.

“Good,” she takes a look at her watch.

“My, I have to be going. Now remember what I told you.”

She began to walk out the door, but turned around,

“I forgot to tell you,” she gave a stern warning,

“You see that angel in front of the window there?”

I turn my head to see a concrete winged-angel statue facing away listening to the old lady.

“If that statue disappears,


Don’t look around, don’t dawdle, don’t call me or even the police.

Just hide.”

I thought to myself, “what a crazy old bat she is. Why would someone say such a thing? It’s a statue. She must be delusional. Maybe I can get an extra hundred from her.”

So I shook my head acknowledging it, following along.

She closed the door and I had the whole place to myself.

It’s the afternoon

Nothing much going on.

I took a nap if that made any difference in my day.

I raided the fridge, scavenged around the house looking at the wondrous rooms and articulate paintings and just sat on the fancy couch texting my friends.

For the whole day I never saw Mitt the cat yet. I called out, but he isn’t much of a ‘people cat’. So I just opened cans of cat food and left them out on the kitchen counter.

I happened to put my phone away and decided to go for a walk so I don’t die of boredom.

Putting my shoes on and my jacket, I take the key and lock the door venturing out in the cold windy day.

It got dark pretty quick as storm clouds started to move in with rolling thunder off in the distance.

Rushing back as it begins to sprinkle, I walk up the porch and pull the key out and get inside as the rain begins to come down harder.

Getting my jacket and shoes off, I check the time.

“Shoot, I got to feed Mitt.”

Walking to the kitchen, I pass by the window and stop recalling what the lady told me.

So I turned to see the angel looking out at the sky as the storm began to darken and strengthen.

I shake my head, “What am I even worrying about?”

Entering the kitchen to see an empty cat-food can I scan the fridge for Mitt’s food. I crack the lid open and set it out on the counter

In just a matter of moments, the natural light that was inside became dark.

Walking back to the light switches to turn the lights on, a flash of lighting lit up the sky as I walked past the window and I saw from the corner of my eye, the angel looking inside the house pressed up against the window.

Turning tense, I back away to stare at the window waiting for another flash of lightning to light the sky and house.

The thunder roared and I waited for the lightning to strike at any moment revealing what's on the other side of the window.

*burm,burmburm, crack*

Lightning flashed and split the sky many times to reveal that the angel disappeared from the window.

Panic and fear embodied me.

The face of the old lady rushed back to me and I heard her voice telling me, “If the statue disappears, hide.”

I rush away and swiftly graze my hands across the walls trying to find the nearest closet in the dark.

Feeling a closet door handle, I pull it open and close it entering inside hunkering in the corner of the small space.

The thunder rolled and shook the house.

Becoming quiet for a while, I heard the back door click and creak open.

I put my hands across my eyes wanting for this to end and not think it is real.

Mitt was meowing aloud in the kitchen and it turned into a long growling and hiss sound.

It was so loud and high-pitched that I could feel the cat hunch back and see his big green eyes narrow with perfectly sharp white teeth showing attack.

Mitt wouldn’t stop.

I couldn’t get this situation through my head. It didn’t make sense.

Mitt’s cries and screams proceeded to get louder and moved places through the house going up and down as I heard doors being opened and bashed against.

My hands still covering my eyes, I whimper inside trying not make a sound.

Mitt’s hissing and growling came closer and closer to the closet door.

Closer and closer.

Closer and closer.

Mitt became eerily quiet as his last cry stopped just on the other side of the closet door.


I screamed as the closet door crashed in and out making a loud racket along with Mitt screeching and the thunder roared and rumbled and a flash of light flooded the house.

The banging and shuttering of the closet door wouldn’t stop as it only got more aggressive and faster along with everything else.

My world was breaking apart thinking that I lost it.

It wouldn’t stop.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I lunged forward with tears in my eyes filled with fear and adrenaline breaking through the closet door hearing concrete shatter on the hard floor.

Stumbling up with busted-concrete and parts of the door broken on the floor, I raise my head to see the angel statue in a different room giving me an evil sinister look as one of its wings was broken.

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Aaron Sebastians
About This Story
11 Apr, 2021
Read Time
4 mins
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