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The Battle for Justice
The Battle for Justice

The Battle for Justice


“I am the best wizard in the world” that’s the thing Dragron the Wizard always said. He wanted to conquer the country. He has got a boon from the devil that when you make all the people pray you, you will become the king of the country. That’s why he just wanted that everyone should pray to him. For that he could do anything. The only reason that Dragron was not worshipped was because the people worshipped gods and a Sculptor, whose name was Mitchell Branson, made statues of gods. He came in between Dragron’s wish to become the conqueror as he was the only one in the country who made sculptures of Gods. Mitchell Branson death became the aim of Dragron’s life. Then he had an idea. He changed his look by his magic and went to buy a statue for a god so he could secretly kill him. Mitchell Branson had opened a big sale today and Dragron had come to ruin it. He first tried to directly kill him by his magic. Then his mind changed as he thought of the number of people present around him. He thought, “What if I make him a statue and leave him in the forest secretly at night so that people will not have any bad conceptions against me.” And that’s exactly what he did. Mitchell Branson was made into a statue and was thrown in the forest. Time passed by. Dragron became the king of the country. He overthrew the king by making him a statue and burying him under the palace. Life in the country became miserable. Anyone who decided to go against him was defeated and wounded severely and then left to die near the forest. Once, an old magician who, after having a day’s fight with Dragron, was going to die in the forest where Mitchell Branson was kept, saw the statue of Mitchell Branson and saw the future that he is supposed to defeat Dragron so decided to give away his life form to him and all his magical powers. The next minute he gave his life form and magic to Mitchell Branson using his magic. The minute the old man died Mitchell Branson became alive. He got up and saw his body. He thought “Wow, I am alive again.” He noticed a blue gem embedded on his chest. Then he recalled, “Oh yes, this is the noble magician’s gem which is given to master magicians who have done good deeds using the magic. But why is it embedded on my chest?” Then he saw the old magician’s dead body in front of him. When he saw his face and recognized him as Master Zander, the greatest magician born in a century, he understood what would have happened and vowed that he will avenge Master Zander. He started practicing his power. He made a statue of Master Zander and started his practice. First, he practiced his fighting skills upon trees and he also made a punching bag of animal skin cover and filled it with leaves and wood and he started. He first fought on the punching bag. After some days when he was practicing he was severely wounded. He thought that this was his end. But his wound healed up and felt more powerful and started again. After a semester or so he went to Dragron’s palace to do justice. When he neared the palace he was filled with rage as he saw the empire in chaos. He shouted “Hey, Dragron where are you? Come and see the Sculptor is back! Come out!” Dragron came out blind with rage. He rushed upon him. Their battle shook the earth as both of them were equally powerful. The battle went on for a week. Mitchell Branson found it difficult to fight Dragron. Then he noticed the red gem at the head of his staff, it glowed whenever Dragron got angry, it was his soul. He understood what he needed to do. He shouted to Dragron, “Okay, I give up. You win.” Dragron replied, “Huh, I was almost defeated you.” “Yes. You are my king; I am your subject.” Saying this Mitchell went and stood with other countrymen who had gathered to see the battle. Dragron, who was now extremely happy shouted to the world, “I Dragron will be the eternal king…”. In the middle of the sentence Mitchell Branson aimed at the red gem and blew it up. Dragron was shocked and was looking gloomily at the broken staff. Mitchell Branson went up to him and using all his powers banished him to hell. Though tired, Mitchell Branson went to the palace and bought out the king’s dead body from beneath the palace and made him alive again using all is powers until he had none left. The king was back but the sculptor went to a sleep for the last time, passing the power to the king's son. But somewhere though a piece of Dragron’s soul was left craving for revenge, somewhere where no one dared to go. The Forbidden Forest.

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1 Sep, 2019
Read Time
4 mins
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