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The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 1

The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 1

By πŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“ - 3 Reviews

Legolas walked against the right wall of the alleyway because the alley was full of women and children silent with fear, and men and elves, ushering them out of the city and into the Glittering Caves. β€œMother,” said a voice that stood out to him, it was of a higher pitch than the other male voices it was of a more delicate and gentle tone than the other voices β€œYou know as well as I that I can wield a bow and dagger as well as maybe even better than most males”. The voice continued β€œNo” a new voice much like the first one but older and more firm contradicted β€œYou cannot fight alongside the males. I know you have the skill and courage, but do not let that blind you. Analise, they have taken your brother. I cannot bear the chance of losing you too.” The old voice finished. As the voice finished Legolas realized something, Analise, the name of the voice, this voice was no male voice this voice was that of a woman. As Legolas’s thoughts rushed with the terrible image of a poor girl being slaughtered by filthy orcs, drenched in their own blood as well as the blood of others. He felt a small rush of wind tug at his hair and something smooth and cold brush upon his nose. The sound of metal rasping against stone pulled him out of his hideous musing. He turned to see what had caused the sound and found a throwing dagger dug perfectly into a minuscule space between the rocks in the wall. He turned his head in the opposite direction to see who had thrown the blade. He saw a woman with a look of shock on her face in a position that told Legolas that this was the person who threw the dagger.

Of course, this must-have been Analise. Her hair was like a river of smooth flowing honey. Reaching down to her hips, and her eyes were a beautiful, clear azure blue that sparkled like a silver charm crafted by the elves themselves. Her skin nothing but flawless. It was kissed by the sun and had a splatter of deep brown freckles, the fair skin of the elves was pale in comparison. He turned back to the blade and proceeded to try and remove it from the wall but it was dug in deep and proved to be harder to remove than it seemed. Legolas pried at the sleek blade and finally loosened it enough to force it out. He walked over to Analise and handed her the blade, β€œYou have much skill maiden, but you must learn to use it carefully and wisely,” Legolas said to Analise who apologized to him but gave him a look that told him to mind his own business.

Author Notes: You must read the actual Lord of the Rings books before reading the fanfic!

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πŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“
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8 Nov, 2019
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2 mins
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