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The Battle of Helm's Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 4
The Battle of Helm's Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 4

The Battle of Helm's Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 4

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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In the mess of the battle, Legolas lost Analise. Though he trusted her, he intended to stay by her in case she needed his help. He turned his head looking for her while keeping his guard up for any attackers. Abruptly, he heard a mighty swing and a grunt close behind him. He swung quickly around and saw Analise. An orc tried to attack Legolas from behind with a battle ax and Analise stopped him with her sword. She quickly backed up so that her back was up against Legolas’s, sheathed her sword and drew a dagger. They circled in perfect unison so that whenever an orc or Uruk hai came to attack they moved in perfect unison so that Legolas kept Analise safe and she kept him safe “Legolas!” Analise shouted over the din of the battle. “Analise?” Legolas replied in an equally loud voice “ If I should die-” Analise started “You won’t!” Legolas said quickly, almost too quickly. His face turned red and he was glad Analise couldn’t see him. “Legolas I know the stakes if I should die, take care of my mother for me. She is old and weak and I do not know if my brother will be able to care for her on her own. I would much appreciate it if you helped him.” Legolas almost cried aloud in pain, she did not know of his quest, he told her yes of course. How could he say no to her? But how would he carry out his promise if she were He quickly came back to reality when he felt a stabbing pain in his side. He turned his head and saw an Uruk hai reaching over with his sword, the side of the sword scathed Analise’s left arm, spanning over to pierce his right side. He looked at Analise, whose face was tightened in pain from the sizeable slice in her arm, but she used the power of mind-over-body to kill the Uruk hai and cradle his limp and falling body in her arms. From the gash in her chain mail, he could feel her blood streaming on to the tip of his ear. The last thing that he saw was her mouth forming the words ‘I’ll help you’ before the black rim around his eye engulfed his vision in black liquid nothingness.

Author Notes: Another Cliffhanger!

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Charlie Cerberus
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2 Dec, 2019
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1 min
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