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The Battle of Helm's Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 8
The Battle of Helm's Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 8

The Battle of Helm's Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 8

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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He was looking everywhere frantically for Analise while at the same time trying to keep his guard up and kill as many of the enemy as possible. He guessed that she might be near the gates since that was where the action was going on. He looked down the stone banister he was standing on and decided that the jump down was short and would not be hazardous. So he turned around and plucked a few arrows out of nearby bodies carefully but rapidly and affixed them in his quiver as he jumped. He found himself quickly using them though for when he jumped down an onslaught of Uruk hai attacked him and had it not been with the help of a fellow fighter he would have been killed, for there were at least 7 all at once. He looked up to thank the fighter and revealed that he was too late to thank the stranger because all that he could see was his cloak as it wisped away towards the battle. Legolas, although he intended to thank the stranger, his first priority was to find Analise. He searched and fought and searched some more. He looked in all the ‘battle hotspots’ and could not find her. He wondered where she may be in this terrifying battle. He looked all around and found Gilimi being surrounded by orcs. Rushing over to him and taking his side by battle and slaughtering every orc that dared to come close. He yelled to Gilimli “Have you seen a maiden in chain mail with long blonde hair and blue eyes, friend?” “This is no time to be chasing after fair young maidens Legolas” was his response. “So I take it you have not seen her?” Legolas asked once again. “No, I didn’t say I didn’t see a maiden fitting your description, that particular maiden might have rushed in a very confusing way to the glimmering caves,” Gimli said. “Thank you, good friend,” Legolas said after he slaughtered the last orc. He rushed to the glimmering caves in a strange zig-zag so that he could not become a locked target of any arrows of the enemy, or be followed easily to the one safe place in this wretched battle.

Author Notes: Tell me how it's going so far!

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Charlie Cerberus
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23 Apr, 2020
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1 min
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