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The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 2
The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 2

The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 2

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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It was later that night when he was in the armory, preparing for the fight and speaking to Aragorn, that he noticed a dark cloaked figure hiding in the corner, seemingly waiting for the other men to leave the armory. Though the figure was perfectly cloaked his elf eyes detected the slightest difference between it and the other men, and that gave him a good guess of who it may be. When the other men had left the armory Legolas hid in the doorway not moving a muscle so as to silence his loquacious armor. The figure moved to the stand of breastplates and drew out a perfectly tan hand with 3 beep brown freckles circling the middle knuckle and brushed the row of leftover armor before picking one. This is when Legolas jumped out of the doorway and pulled off the hood of the figure and grabbed her wrists so violently that it shook the breastplate out of her hands with a clatter. “You must be Analise, the dagger thrower,” Legolas correctly inquired. “How do you know my name elf?” Analise asked scornfully, trying to pull her wrists out of his grab angerly. “ I tend to remember the names of particularly deadly female humans who almost kill me.” Legolas shot back at her with a still firm grip on her smooth wrists. “You know my name elf, it is Analise Quenya daughter of Hardin of Gondor, but I know not yours.”

She said with a clenched mouth and blazing eyes. “Legolas Greenleaf son of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood” Legolas replied loosening his grip, there was something soothing about the fire dance going on in her eyes and a respect for how strong she was, grew in him. Keeping a grip on her small smooth wrists was more complex than seemed. There was always more to meet the eye with this woman, and that made Legolas feel a feeling that he couldn’t quite place. As soon as his grip loosened just enough Analise pulled out her wrists from his rough battle-worn hands and rubbed them, still maintaining eye contact with his eyes. Legolas shook his head “Why are you here and not in the caves with your mother Analise?” “ I wish to fight alongside with the other males” Analise responded, “I have the skill and courage, Legolas Greenleaf, I have the ability to fight with you and everyone else” she finished. “Do you not see Analise? This is a battle, you are putting a lot at stake when you go out there, this is not just a chance to prove your worth and skill,” Legolas told her urgently, the images of her being slaughtered were coming back now even more vivid and painful than the last time. “I cannot let you fight, you have not seen the rage of war as I have it is much more dangerous than you could imagine.” “ No, you are not my family, you have no power over me I will fight, besides what do you care? You have just met me.” Analise told him, but Legolas thought otherwise.

“I may have just, met you but you are still a losable life,” Legolas said partially lying, he knew it was not only that there was, there was something else something about her sharp personality and her figure that gave the opposite look it gave her the look of an innocent and sweet maid when really there was a silent fire in there waiting to be poked and prodded, something that he- the world couldn’t afford to lose. But then it happened, he prodded the fire, “AND IT IS MY LIFE TO LIVE AND LOSE.” Analise yelled that’s when Legolas saw outside the window of the armory the moon was high, it was time to go to the field. He could no longer fight with her. “Fine, you shall fight…” he succumbed. “ Thank you, Legolas Greenleaf-” “Legolas, call me Legolas” Legolas corrected “Oh-Okay, thank you Legolas then, thank you for letting me fight,” Analise told him.

Author Notes: This Fanfic is based on the Lord of the Rings series!

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Charlie Cerberus
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11 Nov, 2019
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3 mins
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