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The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 3
The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 3

The Battle of Helms Deep: A Freak'n Love Story Chapter 3

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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In the line of archers, Gimli stood next to him and tried to get a better look at what they were up against. Legolas looked to his side and saw many men with fear on their faces. As he was studying their army he heard an uproar go on behind him. He turned around to see who it was and saw Analise trying to get through. He looked at her in her armor the breastplate fit her snuggly but the armor on the legs was a bit loose. She was yelling and struggling with the other men, trying to get through. Once she noticed Legolas her eyes lost their fire and became like a still lake in the dead of night, they pleaded with him, Legolas nodded his head, he knew that throughout the battle that fire in her eyes and her quick wit would keep her standing. She yelled to the men restraining her, “Legolas Greenleaf bids me fight, let me through!” she yelled the men turned to Legolas and he stood tall he knew he was not wrong about her, he hoped. The men put their arms down and gave a disapproving look to Legolas, but he did not sag his shoulders, he knew that Analise could fight, he had seen her in action, and felt how persistent her struggle could be, she would survive. She came and took a spot next to him and readied her bow, her posture was perfect. For a few minutes there was no stir, but then his elf eyes saw something climbing at the horizon, they were orcs and Uruk hai. All the men straightened up and prepared to fire in no time the army was at the walls we held fire until a man a few soldiers away let his fingers slip and a stray arrow hit one of the Uruk hai commanders square in the forehead. He fell instantly. Then a cry ushered up from the army and grew to a synchronized howl. The battle had begun.

Author Notes: Hope you like it! Sorry, it is so short! But I thought the way I ended it was a perfect cliffhanger!

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Charlie Cerberus
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19 Nov, 2019
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1 min
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