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The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Part #5
The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Part #5

The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Part #5

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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Legolas awoke to a grey ceiling instead of a cloudless night sky. He turned his head to the left and saw Analise, kneeling next to his bed sleeping with her back stretched across the bed, her head resting on his legs and her face turned towards him. Her face was calm and showed no signs of worry. He tried to sit up, using his arms to pull himself into position, but quickly felt a sizzling pain in his side reminding him of what he had just been through. His arms gave way and he fell back down clutching his side. All this motion stirred Analise. She woke up and attempted to use her arms to pick herself up. She screamed in pain. Legolas looked at her and said “You have injured yourself, Analise. You have to treat it or it will get infected.” “Yes, well seeing as you’ve been straight up stabbed I think my wound can wait,” she replied. She eventually stood up and tightly bandaged her arm and walked over to him to bandage his side. Her soft hands caressed herbal cream around the damage. Legolas groaned he was in so much pain already and the herbs just stung. “These are special herbs my father grew, they help any wound heal faster than normal.” “Your father? Who was he?” Legolas asked in a daze. “He was a helper of the high elves. He was a healer, in fact, if one of the warriors was hurt in battle he would heal them.” Analise said. “He must have been held in high honor, elves generally do not allow other kinds into their midst.” “Yes, he was...that is until...until...nevermind” Analise started. Legolas decided not to push her, she had gone through a lot in this battle, she need not go thru more. Legolas’ eyes were starting to close, his body’s way of telling him he needed to rest. Analise kissed his forehead and told him to rest. Her lips felt soft and warm against his forehead, and his skin pleaded them to stay. His hand found itself clinging to her wrist "ple...please...stay." he whispered. Analise sighed and lay down next to him. Their hands intertwined and Legolas's tired head fell asleep on her shoulder.

Author Notes: Sorry, it's so short, I just wanted to get something up!

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Charlie Cerberus
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16 Jan, 2020
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1 min
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