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The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Chapter 6
The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Chapter 6

The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Chapter 6

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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Analise had stayed awake the entire time. Legolas needed to rest so it was her job to watch out that no orcs or Uruk hai came to their hiding place. While Legolas was fast asleep she managed to untwine from him. She laid him down carefully and opened the cut in his chain mail. As she checked his wound, which was scaring over, due to the healing powers of the herb, she noticed a note in the folds of his clothes she took the note out and read it, it seemed to be a log of sorts. She unfolded the note and read “Pippin and Merry have been lost for some time now, I fear for their safety, Uruk hai are ruthless and if desperate will use them as food. We have been caught by the Riders of Rohan and have been sent to King Theoden’s castle, he has been taken over by the power of Saruman. This is a manifestation of the wide-stretching power of Saruman. But yet there is someone who is still greater, Gandalf, yes Gandalf is still alive he fought and defeated the Balrog then came back as Gandalf the White. Now he may join us on our quest to find Pippin and Merry, and the quest to destroy the ring of power, nothing must stop us in this vital hunt. All of us must stay on course and not let anything get in the way.” Analise was terrified, had Legolas lied to her with the intention of leaving her mother and her brother alone? No, he could not have… but why? Why would he lie to her, they had known each other of such little time, was what she was asking too much of him, no, they had fought together in battle, they had protected each other's lives, that counts for years of friendship. Analise felt deceived. If she had died would he really just have left her mother for dead? Soon her sorrow changed to anger. She knew elves were untrustworthy, yet she believed one, just one, may have been trustworthy. And she was proven wrong. This elf was like all the others, untrustworthy as an ass. She crumpled the paper and threw it on the ground, she put on her chain mail and breastplate and took up her weaponry. She did not have the will to kill him, and through all her anger she could not figure out why. So she silently crawled out of her safe room, through a hidden area in the ceiling back to the battle on her own trying to forget the promises broken.

Author Notes: Sorry it's so short I just wanted to get something posted!

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Charlie Cerberus
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27 Jan, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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