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The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Part #7
The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Part #7

The Battle of Helms Deep; a Freak'n Love Story Part #7

Legolas_GreenleafCharlie Cerberus
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Chapter 7

Legolas yet again awoke and looked around the room for Analise, finding that his wound was healed and that she was nowhere to be found he got up to look around the chamber. He found that she was nowhere in the chamber. When he had seen the entire chamber he found there were many supplies in it. He found a whole piece of chain mail that fit him well in exchange for the one broken by the strong blade of Isengard. He proceeded to eat an apple from the stocks of food Analise must have compiled. He noticed that this room looked like it was ‘carved’ by an unskilled craftsman. Legolas immediately assumed Analise had done it for times like these. After sitting in the bed and finishing the juicy red fruit he grabbed his chain mail remembering that he had put his log of the journey in there. He was horrified when it was not in the folds of the mail. He looked on the desk and found it lying there, open. He didn’t need to think for another second, he connected the dots. Analise was gone. Journeys log, lying open. Analise must have found it and read it. Legolas’s gut wrenched, and not because of the wound. The wound was fine. Analise, he had betrayed her. He had betrayed a woman he could trust. A woman he could fight with. A woman he could fight for. He had to get out of this chamber. He had to find Analise.

He was banging on the walls doing everything he could do at this point, just to get out and see Analise. All this banging seemed to go on forever. Finally, his energy wore out and he just hit his first on the wall and placed his forehead next to it. He felt something hot and wet flow down his cheek. It went with the curvature of his face and soon stopped upon his lips and clung to them for a few fleeting seconds before it plummeted in his mouth and on to his tongue. The liquid was salty and scanty. He was crying, but why. Why was he crying for her? He did not understand the feelings that kindled in his heart. More and more tears rolled down his jaw and fell lifeless onto the floor. The sound of his small gasps for air shrouded his ears. But not enough to not hear the thud that resounded next to him. He looked to the side to see a slab of rock he looked up to the ceiling where the rock used to sit. There was a hidden tunnel, this was the way out.

Crawling through the tunnel was not challenging as he thought, he was agile and quick. But getting out without being seen, that was a problem. Analise was smart enough to make a discrete hole in the ‘door’ to the exit of the escape tunnel, and the outside was covered in orcs and Uruk hai, dead and alive. As luck would have it, the line was broken by elven warriors bravely fighting. And, Legolas could have sworn, he saw one of the elves, wink in his direction. Elf eyes can see many things that no human, orc or dwarf eye could see. Legolas took his opportunity and jumped out, unnoticed. Now all he had to do is find Analise, and tell her what he should have told her long ago.

Author Notes: thx for reading

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Charlie Cerberus
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12 Mar, 2020
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2 mins
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