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The Beast
The Beast

The Beast

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The source inflicted pain

The source left wounds,

never to be healed.

Her smile fades, as the source lures innocents in

Caging them forever without escape

Inside her, passed down from the source, a beast lays.

It causes bad deeds and has bad needs

She fights

She fights

She fights off the beast

The beast rests

She settles with ease

Days go by in peace, not a problem in sight..

Alas! All of a sudden, the beast then awakens, craving for more

Tries to claw its way out

Going insane, she is tricked to give in on what the beast wants

Pain fills her up, hard to embrace

A blade calls her name..

Instead, she fights

She fights

Again, she fights with great speed

The Beast then slows, let’s go

She then lives through the days

Strength has worn down

The fight will end someday

She relaxes

She lays

She even starts to pray

Then all at once..

With no warning

The Beast awakens!

Full strength against

The Beast won’t give up

Might as well give in…

She let’s go

Takes all that she can

Well now, she’s addicted again...

She failed

She’s useless, weak

The blade starts to call her again

“Use me! Use me! You know you want to.. I can ease the pain like no one else.”

She follows the voice, that calling voice

Tears running down her cheeks, she picks up the blade

Slowly, runs it across her scarred skin.

Over and over again

She then stops

Realizing what she’s done

“I let it get to me. The Beast has won..”

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8 Feb, 2019
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