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The Beauty Of Love

The Beauty Of Love

By Joe

I remember the day like it was yesterday. April 1st a normal Colorado morning, if there is such a thing. It was gloomy out and there was a mild chilly wind. I felt this when my father went out for his morning cigarette. I jumped out of bed and gathered my clothes then took a shower. I am a morning person so I get ready quickly and generally was in a good mood. After getting ready I went upstairs to eat breakfast which is my favorite meal of the day. I would rather eat breakfast over any meal throughout the day. It’s good for you to appreciate the smaller things in life. As I walked in the kitchen I saw this look on my mom’s face like I never seen before. She looked terrified and scared as tears ran down her face. She had very dark puffy circles underneath her eyes from not being able to sleep. She said she was worried about my older brother Dale he had gone out the previous night. I remember speaking to him briefly on the phone the night before. I wanted to go with him but I wasn’t old enough to get into the bar.
I always wanted to go with my older brother wherever he went. I looked up to him and he greatly influenced my life. Any where we went we would always meet people or run into someone he knew. He was a well known tag artist throughout Denver. I was seventeen at the time and my brother Blur which was his tag name was going to turn twenty two on April 22 2002. He went to a couple of my wrestling matches throughout high school which made me extremely happy but of course I didn’t show that at the time.
During this gloomy morning I asked my mom if she called Fernando his best friend. She said his phone wasn’t working. The look on my parents face gave me this gut wrenching knot in my stomach, it felt horrible. My mom continued calling around to all of his friends, but didn’t hear back from any of them. After all it was seven am and after a night of partying everyone was probably asleep. My auntie who lived one block west of us was going to pick me up so she could take me to school. My cousin and I both went to Sheridan high school. Right before my Auntie got there, we got word that Fernando was in intensive care at the hospital. Fernando’s family lived across the street from our family. The level of my parent’s emotions sky rocketed after hearing about Fernando. I was skeptical of everything because I knew how my older brother was, but at the same time he would always keep in touch. As I left for school my mom was crying and told me she was going to have to start calling the hospitals, this made me worry more than ever before. I almost began to cry but held it in for my mom, I had to be strong for my parents. I didn’t know what to think on the way to school, a million different thoughts were racing through my head. I got to school and just wanted to leave right away, but I was told to go so I did.
I was telling a friend what was going on and I couldn’t hold back anymore I let it out a little but then held it in again. My auntie picked us right back up and I asked her over and over if they found out anything. She told me no over and over again. She got a phone call and I could tell right then what had happened to my brother, but she still wouldn’t tell me. I was so anxious to get home to find out what was going on, but when I got there it was far from what I wanted to see or hear. All my family was on the lawn crying, the pain in everyone’s eyes is like nothing you could ever imagine. It felt like a piece of my soul and my heart had been ripped from me and there was nothing I could do about it. The anger and rage mixed with sadness was worse than anything I ever felt. I never seen my parents break but the day my brother past away everyone fell to pieces. I tried to stay strong for my family.
Almost all of us have lost someone close or special to us. It’s these challenges in life that make us who we are. So live your life in as many ways as you can, and always appreciate everything you have.

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14 Aug, 2011
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4 mins
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