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The Bird of My World

The Bird of My World

By Galactic - 1 Review

She came every day to my house like a regular customer for food. I don’t know which sort of bird she was. She had plain blue feathers, sharp eyes and she had an appetite for singing. Her was like a melody coming from a mouth of an angel. I heard her singing every time I sat down to write another story. She was like an inspiration for me. I made a birdfeed for her by myself. I felt proud of that. I thought of catching it and keeping it as a pet but it felt wrong, so I gave up that thought. I saw her in her early years as a hatchling when she was born. Her parents were just like her, Plain blue, sharp beak, red mouth and a beautiful voice. They lived nearby in a banyan tree, they ate red figs, and soared high in the sky. I watched over them for some years, but I had to leave, for I was getting shifted to a new place. I was feeling very miserable, but I had to leave. Before leaving I gave then some grains, said goodbye and left still thinking about them. After a few years, I came back to see a family friend living nearby. I went near my old house to see her but the nest was nowhere to be seen. After looking around I saw her lying nearby dead! I was knocked for six. I picked her up using my handkerchief. I had a small case which contained some changes. I shoved the coins in my pocket and placed her in it and hanged the case on the tree.

The tomb of my beloved bird.

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25 Aug, 2018
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