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The Bird
The Bird

The Bird


There was once a bird blue in color to be exact

For each person who passed beneath him he would attack

His name was Chirpy and boy was he mean

He'd spot out children and make them scream

In the morning he sang loud tunes

He wasn't any good and it made people loons

Late at night he perched on a tree

Stalking walkers in the dark whom could not see

He would poop on their backs and even in their hair

He swooped down at anyone and with flair

Chirpy wasn't so "chirpy" after all

He was rude and mean never nice but dull

Although his color was of a pretty blue

That didn't matter 'cause his attitude blew

No one liked this bird at all

For Chirpy soon would find himself completely malled

One summer day in the middle of June

He was picking on humans by untying their shoes

When out of nowhere one man had enough

He stepped on the poor bird causing a scruff

Chirpy flew upward in a frantic flight

The man swatted him downward like it depended on his life

The bird let out a squawk even louder than before

As the man felt superior choosing not to ignore

Finally Chirpy gave up the fight

The man had won even the bird's nest that night

Poor old' Chirpy was never seen again

All because one person having fed up to no end

So the story of the bird

That no one liked

Was a tid bit in history

And out of sight

Author Notes: Written on December 3, 2019.

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About This Story
7 Dec, 2019
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1 min
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