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papin49Roberto Perez


Far away from my eyes reach, I could see scarecely a tiny figure. Looking throghtout my house’s windows – It was the night that didn't allow me to get the exact perception about what was that.

Sudenly, he started moving toward my house because he was pretty sure about the time I everyday woked up and the first thing I did was to handle a carton of milk or juice for my petit friend “my neighbor”. He was a Haitian boy who came to the Dominican Republic. – Indeed, he was an Immigrant like his parents; they arrived to that country searching for a better working and living condictions. They did a long and risky trip through out Haiti-Dajabon’s river, “Masacre”; which is in the border of el cibao area and Haiti. To illustrate, these cities comprise the delimitation of Haiti and Dominican Rep. On the northwest bound: Montecristi, Dajabon, Loma De Cabrera and Restauracion.

Petit. That name Is from french language which means, small; but I heard that name from his parents that everyday used to call him hundreds of times “petit, petit, petit, petit” because everyday they have to go to work to do all what their foreman wanted to be done.

For example, to milk the cows, cutting grass to feed the cattle, cultivate the cane plantations and so forth. No matter how was the weather condictions, those were only part of a bunch of stuff which were their accountability everyday, year after year; It had to be done. For all those tasks to be accomplished, both parents were involved – So, they used to leave the petit boy unattended in order to get chance to finish that day tasks – Although, they were aware that very close to their house, there was an eminent risk for the petit drowned – in a big open water pond used for watering the grass ( cane plantations) and for the cattle to drink. Yes, that Is the kind of life for those poor people. Nontheless, they had to leave him alone – It was mandatory for them to put his own baby at risk or they have ton go back to Haiti where they have nothing to eat or to do.

I was sure that petit boy was a very smart guy because every single day after his breakfast, he started performing on his front yard's house, he smiled and waved his hand to me In order to be sure that I have seen him to handle the carton of milk that he was sure I had hidden for him very early in the morning bacause he knew that I used to do the same every morning while I was living there. After taking his milk, suddenly, he started his performance Imitating all kinds of birds which appear in my yard, for about fifteen different varieties of birds, no matter how weird Its songs were or look to be, he allways found a way to mimic those sounds very similar to the one performed for each bird – but, he never started any performance before receiving his carton of milk because milk was like his stimulator to start doing his show.

Nontheless, the petit used to spend the whole day walking up and down around their house showing his all body only wearing his birthday suit – barefoot, naket whatsoever; All his dusty body was striped like a zebra – scratched from the bushes' branches because he moved around their house a whole day looking for something – I don't know exactly what !. Watching that scene, would be more than enouph to start crying – Fading all the landscape's beauties that colorfull the forest around It with the birds sounds and leaves movement with a silent and fresh wind that brought a very nice sensation of peace around all that area.

In a twinkle of an eye – all that aspect could change with all his grace and charming smile. What made me start concidering behave like him because I had that same problem that petit boy, with the difference that the guy had his body striped, while I had my heart and my soul empty. I only felt well writting or doing something to be busy all the time – I couldn't be Idler because I started feeling depressed – It was a tremendous dilema which made my life smashed.

No matter how hard I tried to overcome that situation – I always ended with the same feeling that my life was an ordeal because nobody can't swim against a giant tide. And that was what I was doing. My dificulties were bigger than any tide I had ever seen . But I continued like a professional surfer, always over the tide, ready to defeat It. If your problem Is like a giant tide and you think that you can't defeat It, try to pay attention to other seas that there could be other, fighting bigger giants than yours and they have succeeded. So, that's what I learned from the petit reality, that you don't need that much to recover the lost happiness In your life, try to practice doing the right thing, If nothing or anybody get harmed, keep doing It, If you trust in God and every thing goes nicely, keep on doing It and you will see at the end you'll receivea lot of blessing and success In your life. .

My happiness comes from Christ because of him – I can see where or who to go at the time that those enormous tides come to hit me.


Author Notes: No one Is better than anyone else In this world.

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Roberto Perez
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4 Jan, 2019
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4 mins
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