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the black dragon of hate

the black dragon of hate

By Fluffybunny

Humans…they are useless…they curse this planet…they have to be destroyed. That is what I think about the world, and maybe many people will agree with me. I wish I could just destroy them all…show them the same evil they are spreading around the world…the same horrors they manage to create themselves.

And you know what? I had the chance…a great chance, and I used it. My name is Shade…and this is how I ended humankind.

It was a late night of November 29. It was cold…cold like the hearts of the people around me. They were spitting at me…pushing me around…they were bullies.

“Look like the low life here want some more…what do you say?”

“Go Away!”

“I take that as a yes…get him guys”

And again, they started kicking and punching me. Blood started coming out of my nose, and the ground was slowly becoming red. I could not defend myself…I was too weak…and I have never been powerful…not as a useless human at least.

It was then, that I felt it…the moment where everything became clearer, and I decided to react. I stood up, and I punched the nearest bully with all my strength. The punch sent him flying backward, right into a wall. I looked at my hands…I couldn’t believe my strength…what was happening to me?

And then…it began. Black scales started growing all over my arms, and deadly claws growth too…splattering blood all over the ground (which was already full of my blood by the way). The scales were also tearing my skin…and destroying my flesh…witch literally started falling from my arms.

I didn’t feel pain…it was almost relaxing…I felt the power to realize my dreams…destroying the humans and their corrupted world.

My shoulder started hurting…and two scaly wings popped from my back…splattering blood and flesh all over the wall behind me. Scales started covering my back and my chest, but they were gray in that part.

I felt a strong pain in my heart…that was real pain. I felt my organs moving and reforming. I tried to scream…but a ball of flame came out of my mouth…burning a trash can in front of me.
I felt another pain in my back…and with a loud crack, a black scaly tail erupted from my body, sending more human flesh onto the wall.

My legs did the same as my arms…scales grew all over them, and deadly claws grew too. My legs changed into a more cat like appearance with deadly talons at the end of the toe.

My head started to hurt, and while I was coughing…I spitted my teeth out…witch were being replaced by new deadly fangs. My face turned into a long lizard like face, and my tongue changed into a forked long one. My eyes changed into red reptilians eyes. My hair fell off, and two horns grew.

The transformation reached the end, my brain started changing…giving me a lot of knowledge: dark magic, life secrets, flight, and everything I needed in my new form of a “dragon of darkness”.

I wanted to kill someone…and the first that I wanted to kill…were the bullies. They didn’t even try to run away, they stared at me the whole time…bad move. I grabbed one of them, and I ripped his head off. After that, I dropped the body, and I roared at the other bullies.

They started running away.
I jumped on the nearest one, and then I tore him apart…with my new strength. The other bullies managed to escape my wrath…but they couldn't escape forever.

I flew in the middle of the city, the real fun was going to begin. Humans everywhere…I used my claws to rip the flesh away from their body, my tail to impale them, and my flame breath to burn them. I even used my acid spit to dissolve them. And they suffered…I wanted them to suffer.

And after the humans, I wanted to destroy their city. My dark magic powers were just what I needed. I used them to destroy the buildings…and the people inside them. It took me only a few hours…and then the city was no longer there.

All that was left was the burning remains of what used to be the city......

But it was not the end…I wanted to kill humankind from the face of the hearth. So I flew in other cities…destroying them…and killing their people. In just two months…the world’s armies were gone…and all the humans with them.

And at the end I was alone in the world…no one was alive anymore…my duty was complete. And so there was only one thing left to do. I closed my eyes…and I used the sacrifice magic…on myself.

But then a voice spoke to me....

“This is the endless circle…many shadow dragons will come after you…destroy humanity…and then start all over again from the beginning. This is the way the world is meant to work…this is the way we live…this…is the law of the universe”

and then I died....

The end.

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About This Story
17 Feb, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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