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The Blanket Story Reviews

13 reviews have given an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 Stars
🌸Fate gave a rating of 5

This is a lovely little story to read.

TurnThePaige gave a rating of 5

I loved this story!! It was really well thought out and made me laugh while also think a lot. I couldn't stop reading it :)

CPierko gave a rating of 5

A very thought out, well written story. The imagery is phenomenal and the abstract thought put into making this blanket have human characteristics, and showing how sometimes items with sentimental value really are more than just items is top notch. These objects have provided warm, comforting experience and have done the job of a loving, caring family member. Hands down a wonderfully written and thought out story.

Andy (Formerly Apemann) gave a rating of 3

A good story well told. However, I found your introduction to the story annoying: I do not like to be told how I will feel before I have even begun to read a story. Please read my piece 'How to Write a Teaser'. You might find it helpful and informative...

CPierko This is a very common style of introduction. Your comment comes off as rude and conceited. Please read my story "Manners 101"
SUNQUEEN51067 gave a rating of 5

I love it! You gave a voice to the things that we throw out despite the sentiment that is attached to them . you gave your beloved blankie a soul and a voice.

pogon1966 gave a rating of 5

Great short story, very well written.


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