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The Blood Princess chapter 1 and 2 and i think 3

The Blood Princess chapter 1 and 2 and i think 3

By Bean

There once was a princess who was bright but someone who knew someone had turned off the lights. The princess acted all happy around her friends' family and people, but when she went into her room her smile soon faded. Her name was Melissa. She had gorgeous porcelain skin with bright blue eyes and the longest blonde hair. Melissa's family and friends didn't know anything was wrong. Melissa wore long sleeves due to the cuts on her arms. Cutting gave her a pleasurable pain. Nobody knew her little secret and she planned to keep it that way. It all started when she had flashbacks about her mother's death. You see her mother died when she was just about 11 years old; she was now 15 and remembers it clear as day. She heard blood curdling screams coming from the dungeon; she quietly ran to see what the matter was and there she saw her mother hanging on the wall in cuffs with nothing on but a cloth wrapped around her chest and bottom area. She hid behind the steps trying not to scream herself, but that's when it all happened; the guy walked out blade in hand and tortured her. He'd cut her thighs to point where you could see bone he'd cut her stomach to see her ribs. She had cuts all over her body. Blood covered the floor and Melissa let out a scream. The man turned around and saw her, he gradually walked towards her but she ran upstairs locking the door behind her. Her face turned paler than usual, her eyes got big and gray, she looked like a zombie. Melissa sat in her room with the door locked and cried for days. After she had no more tears she just gave up. She hadn't eaten in a week plus her eyes were dazed. Now she was 15. She started cutting when she was 13. Melissa cuts everyday now deeper and deeper each time.

Tomorrow was her 16th birthday and she knew something bad was going to happen.

* * * * * * * * *

It was the night before Melissa's birthday; she put on her pjs, took off her makeup, and went to bed.

* * * * * * * * *

As she awoke she heard a scream. She got up and ran downstairs. She got up and ran downstairs; she saw her aunt Lidia was cowering on the floor her eye swollen shut. Auntie auntie what has happened? Your father my dear hes gone mad go hide before he..... Melissa's father bursts through the door; Melissa sprinted upstairs, then got her knife that she usually used for cutting. Her father started pounding on the door, she knew the little latch lock wouldn't hold for long. She quickly opened her window to make it look as if shed climbed out then she quietly tiptoed to her closet and hid behind some clothes. The latch broke he was now inside her room. Melissa could tell that her father was drunk but that didn't make the situation any better. He was mumbling his slurred words. Melissa's father was angry now, he was throwing things; everything went quiet. Melissa walked out of her closet knife dangling from a well knotted string by her waist. She thought it was safe. Melissa walked into the hallway but, as soon as she passed the bathroom her father popped out of nowhere and grabbed her wrist. Her father drug her into his room where she knew she may never see the sun again. He took the knife and threw it on the bed, he punched her in the stomach repeatedly not stopping until she was lying on the ground coughing up blood. Then he left. Melissa laid on the ground unconscious when she finally awoke she crawled to her room and put a barracade in front of her door. She started to pack. Pack for what you ask well she planned on running away. She packet a jacket , matches, food, water, her knife, a change of clothes, a brush and some hair ties.

She was ready to go except she had to write her goodbye letter. It read:

Dear family,

Im sorry I have to leave. Tell Emily that ill miss her and this isn't permanent. Aunt Lidia I hate to leave on such notice but protect Emily with your life. Father if you touch Emily at all ill come back and take her from you and youll never see us again. Don't come looking for me ill be hiding.

~ Melissa

She cut off the bottom of her dress then climber out her window. She had a long ways to travel atleast 300 miles. Melissa felt bad leaving Emily but it was for the best. Melissa's wrists were throbbing from the flesh being torn. The sun had set and she was getting tired. Melissa slept by the side of the road that night.

Author Notes: I hope you liked this story favorite or comment if you want the rest or atleast more ^_^

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29 Nov, 2013
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