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The bloody beauty

The bloody beauty

By Bean

Everybody thought she only wore skinny jeans and a hoody because she was cold but little did they know her darkest secret lied underneath.When summer came she had to go swimming good thing she hadnt cut but her scars haunted her. She put on her black draw string bikini and looked at herself once more in her cracked mirror ugh she thought the scars everywhere her stomache chest wrists arm calfs thighs whats wrong with me why cant i be happy why cant i be normal. Why do people make fun of me for being different damn fucking preps dont understand how much pain i go through to look presentable? Anyway she hates swimming because everybody looks at her scars and makes fun of her its god awful. Shes tried to commit suice 10 times in the past 2 years i dont think thats normal. She wishes people would understand but they cant because she doesnt feel comfortable enough to tell anybody. Her name is Sabrina SuicideNote. Sabrina is me. I am Sabrina and this is how i feel everyday so stop the hate and show some love.

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23 May, 2013
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<1 min
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