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The Bloody Man

The Bloody Man

By angel

OK this is a dream i had and i wanted to share this with you. I hope you like it its just a dream i had and felt it was a perfect storie/ dream to share. Enjoy

I woke up on top of a small building small enough to jump off of. The sky was gray and dark like a rainy day but i knew it did not rain. My body was cold and hard i could not get up until i felt the blood rush through my vains again. I heard screaming of woman and men but i hadent gotten up yet. Finally my blood reached my vaines and my body and i was able to get up feeling pain and a little dissy i looked to the ground to see if there where any people. But none where to be in site it looked like New York City but it was tottaly empty and dead it was like no one ever lived there.
I jumped off the building it was quiet and lonely i walked to the middle of the street still dissy but alive. There I am in the middle of the street. Alone. It was dead silence and i just kept standing there not moving holding my breath it was quiet . To quiet. All of a sudden I realised my eyes where closed i opened them and suddenly hear screaming. There is 3 men and 3 woman running at me screaming for there lives and running to and past me but its like they cant see me. When all of them pass me i look back behind me and there gone and the screaming suddenly stoped like they where never there to begin with.
I turn around and see like a football filed amout away a man. He was full of blood in a white shirt, gray teacher pants, black shoes, his shirt was open and his tie was messed up and to the side it looked like he was just attacked with his hair all messed up. I see him starting to limp twords me but i just stand there full of fear. he limps slowly. He keeps growling at me and it sounds like hes trying to speak but i could tell it was the blood that was stopping his voice and he looked like he wanted to kill me. I started to walk away down the street but still loooking at him to my suprise he was limping faster and it looked like the more he walked the worse more blood came but he didnt seem to have a cut or opening where the blood would escape.
I walked faster and faster trying to get out of his seeing view but i stayed on the same road going strait across what looked to be New York City. I started running with my eyes closed not knowing where this one whole road will lead me just following the path i suddenly open my eyes and a football filed amout of space away a booth with a pull up rail i was still running. I look back and the man is only 2 feet away and getting closer hes no longer limping but running i feel the fear begin to build up i start to reach the booth. The man was full speed on me and my breathing was endless and hot and i could feel the sweat running down my face.
I reach the booth and jump over it not thinking i was only sceard for my life. I jump over the rail and land on my back with a HARD thud i completly lost my breath i gasped and arched my back for air trying to breath. The man was running to me full speed i was still on the floor trying hard catching my breath. He came high speed when he tryed to jump over the rail like i did he couldent it was like a shiled he tryed to get around it and over it with no luck it was like i was protected. I noticed stoned wolves outside the booth they where just sitting there i got up from the floor and looked behind me. I see no city no nothing just bare raw earth i look to my Right .Nothing. To my left a HUGE box

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About This Story
29 Sep, 2010
Read Time
3 mins
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