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The Body

The Body

By skgriffie

On a cold fall day, two hunters were driving along a back road, when one noticed something lying on the ground in a pull over spot. They stopped their vehicle and got out to see what it was. Neither one of the men were prepared for the sight they saw.

Lying on the ground was the body of a woman. The woman had been murdered. The police never found out who killed her, but they did say that whoever killed her ran over her with a vehicle.

The area where the woman was found was surrounded by farmland and woods. No houses were anywhere close to the area. It was an old dirt road that led to the main road.

Since then, there have been several people that have been driving past the area at night and seen a white figure run in front of their vehicle and then disappear. People have also been driving along the area during the summer with their windows down and heard screaming.

Sometimes if you park your car at night in the area where the body was found, you can hear what sounds like a woman crying.

Author Notes: This story is from a collection of stories I'm putting together for a book.

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18 Nov, 2015
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