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The Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead

By KeithLankford

Sitting in the darkened study
The light of the lantern dimly casting shadows across the room
I again looked upon the fragments of the ancient scrolls pieced together in front of me
It is here the journey would soon begin

Slowly I took in the spells that had been laid to papyrus with ancient dyes in the form of hieroglyphic script
Soon overtaken I was lost in tales and spells cast in the past departing this world though it was still overcast with the dimly lit light which was now in the past

Though peace I shall find in death at last though lasting peace rarely comes at night quite fast

The afterlife it seemed a afterthought so deemed to be another day in time when I depart this world of mine

To face the judgement awaiting me as the sin of all to see in the darkest of the night now shown under heavenly light

The struggles and the strife to live a life so right as one grows to find the past and present now in clear sight

Hauntingly present

In clear sight

In the Hall of Truth I soon dwelled surrounded by ancient tales of the truth from which I hid of the sins I shed to rid from my sole my troubled soul which could take no more as I slowly found the hall leading to a door

Justified I was to fear the unknown after the horrors I found which were recently shown fell from my soul leaving me whole yet still afraid of the past for I now must roam at last to the next line just a fragment was shown

Grateful to see the Lilly Lake before me I quickly did pass to the Field of Reeds at last where all that was lost in a life still lived surrounded me quickly wanting to eternally give back to me now the treasures so sought all of those which could never be bought

The journey not finished I read the next line over and over for quite some time for where I must now depart quite quick is a path yet untraveled as it is so writ

How to consort with the gods yet unknown how to comport as my face is shown in the land of the dead where I now roamed in the Book of the Dead and in the spells cast so shown

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19 Nov, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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