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The Boy
The Boy

The Boy

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The boy

I was sitting on the railing of the school lobby, chatting with my squad when I saw her. I had my eyes set on her for a long time. I liked her so much, since the very first day of school. She was the most perfect girl I had ever seen. And right now, she was walking directly towards me. Our eyes met. Those sky blues eyes. So perfectly blue, as if the eyes were the gates to the sky itself. The pitch-black pupils glistened brighter than the sun. Her long, flowing hair looked like a sea of black. Her beautifully curved lips were dyed with her favorite red lip gloss that smelled of sakura leaves. Once she had whispered something in my ears and that is when my brain had learned the smell. Her masterfully sculpted face was a sight to behold. That too, with a picture-perfect neck to hold it in place. Her each step seemed to have been synchronized to an imaginary rhythm. She spoke with the sweetness and smoothness of honey. She had the gracefulness of a starlit night.

Whenever she would walk by, my heart started to pound so hard that I feared someone might hear it. Her smell would leave me twitching inside my own body. The way she’d sometimes look at me made me weak in my knees. And once in a blue moon when she calls me, I forget how to respond. Her thoughts would keep me up through the night. I wanted to tell her all this. And when my squad saw that I was staring at her like a menacing stalker, they urged me to spill the beans.

Hearing their encouraging words gave me the boost of confidence that I had been lacking. I got up. Ready to face her. Preparing not to melt in front of her. Just when I was about to call her name, she just walked past me, leaving only the smell of the honeysuckle shampoo behind her. She went up right into the arms of the boy. The boy, whom I can’t tolerate. The same boy, whom I am infinitely jealous of. All in my squad were shocked. I was outraged. I turned to them, still in a rage and said,

‘Boys, keep your masks ready and knives sharp. We have prey tonight.”

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About This Story
23 Jul, 2020
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1 min

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