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It was silence and a haze. I was heading home alone, making my pace a bit quicker. It was drizzling on 4th of August, 12 midnight and my heart was pounding faster than its regular rate. The atmosphere was like a ghost town, except there were lampposts towering the streets implying existence of the neighborhood. It felt kind of bizarre this time. I was like forcing myself out of the thick fog with unkown forces swirling on unseen current. Then, a frail sound tossed out.

I stopped. My heart throbbed on its fastest rate. My bones trembled, hands shaking almost imperceptibly, and my feet were glued on the wet ground as I slowly veered my head back.

A boy about ten stood near the ditched car, just front of the abandoned house. I sighed a relief it's not a robber, a murderer, an alien, whatever. It was just a harmless boy. He was soaking wet and looked sickly. I walked near him and asked his name but he never spoke. He gave me a laser stare and to be honest it kinda freaked me out. It's like there's so much rage in it. I asked his name again but he never dignified me an answer. I scoffed, gave him a middle finger and left. I was annoyed. I really don't like people wasting my time especially if I'm doing great to them.

When I got home by 1 A.M., I immediately took a shower. After that I went to the kitchen rummaging something to eat in the refrigerator. I was about to go upstairs then I saw grandpa limping near the living room. I asked him why he's still up late in the night and he said he can't sleep and wanted to watch TV. He smiled at me and asked how my day went and I randomly shared him the boy I just met in the street and instantly I got scared, shaking. He said the boy I talked to was a ghost. He was ran over by a car and died.

Grandpa said the boy once lived on the abandoned house with his great parents and a brother. One night his mom and dad sharply scolded his brother for drugging himself. His brother got exasperated by their tiger parents and left them. The boy cried a lot and started to hate their parents for treating his brother like that. Without knowing, he followed his brother in the middle of the night and it was raining that time. Then, the unthinkable, unspeakable happened. The boy died. His brother was guilty of his death and attempted suicide after he was burried. Their parents were devastated of their losts --- their sons. Months later, they got divorced and deserted the town.

Grandpa tapped me on my shoulder and warned me not to take that route again. He said there were stories of the boy haunting people and most of them found dead on their sleep. It was hair-raising, the kind like those of horror movies.

After granda got bored and felt sleepy, I guided him to his room then I went upstairs to sleep. As I opened the door, I felt fright churning in my bloodstream again. A black figure stood frozen above my bed. It was dark. I groped for the light switch then my body felt numb as the light turned on. The boy I saw on the street just smiled at me. I crimsoned in horror and eventually fainted when the boy said, "Hi, brother!"

Author Notes: If you read this, thank you!

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21 May, 2020
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2 mins
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