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The Boy
The Boy

The Boy

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This is so stupid,” I grumble as my dad pulls his Corvette into the surprisingly narrow driveway of our huge new house.

“You’re stupid,” my 12 year old little brother, Lukas, giggles from the back seat. I roll my eyes and stick my tongue out at him.

He grunts and shakes his head, probably thinking I’m childish for a 16 year old. Dad just stares straight ahead, lost in thought. Probably thinking about mom, how she cheated on him, left to be with a rich 30 year old.

I roll my eyes, willing him to get over her. If she did that to him, she doesn’t deserve him. Finally, he parks the car and looks back at us, his eyes sad. He sighs.

“Ready?” He asks.

I nod, looking back at Lukas, who nods too. Dad bobs his head and opens his door, getting out of the car. Lukas follows suit, and so do I. As I walk to the door, I see something out of the corner of my eye, and when I turn I see a boy about my age standing there, head tilted, a smile on his face. I tilt my head too, and start walking towards him when my dad calls my name.

I turn to look at the door to the house, which my dad is standing at. I ignore him but when I turn back towards the boy, he is gone.


“How do you like the house so far Lukas and Valerie?” Dad asks.

We are eating dinner, and we already explored the house and chose our rooms.

I don’t say anything as Lukas yells, “I love it!”

I scoff and dad gives me a look, but I ignore it, still thinking about that boy.

“What boy?” Lukas says.

My eyes go wide: did I say that out loud? Uh, I think I did. I laugh, and dad and Lukas look at me like I’m crazy. I stop and clear my throat, feeling really stupid.

“Nobody,” I mumble, stealing a look at dad: he was trading looks with Lukas, probably thinking I’m a freak. Well... I am. And I embrace it.

“What. Boy?” Dad snaps

“I said ‘Nobody’!” I snap back, my eyes meeting his. Lukas’s eyes widen as he looks at me, mortification on his face. He knows what dad is going to do now. But he doesn’t do anything except for stare at me with a beyond angry expression on his face. Then, finally, he says, “Go to your room, I’ll deal with you later.”

I sigh and get up. I know exactly what he’s going to do, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

“Who are you?”

I turn from the mirror I’m looking at and look directly into the blue eyes of a boy about my age. The same boy I saw outside. There are 2 other boys behind him, looking at me through curious eyes. The boy in the middle is the one who spoke no doubt. He looks like the ringleader. He’s cute, but what is he doing in my room?

“Who are you?” I retaliate.

He smirks.

“I’m Raphael.”

“That’s good. Now get out of my room.”

He laughs. God, he has a beautiful laugh.

“Your room?” He asks me, tilting his head to the side. “I think it belongs to the one who died in this room”

My eyes go wide, but I manage to respond coolly,”And who was that?”

His smile gets wider.



I wake with a start, my shirt sticking to my sweaty body. God, that was a really peculiar dream. Or was is a nightmare? Oh, never mind. I don’t care.

It’s still dark outside, so I turn my head to check my clock, when I see something standing in front of my door. My heart speeds up.

“Is someone there?” I whisper, my heart racing.

“Yes.” A cool, timber voice responds. Then someone steps from the darkness, and looks my in the eye. I open my mouth to scream, but then his hand is over my mouth, shushing me. All I can think is: He’s the boy from my dream!

Before I can make a move to get his hand from my mouth, he pulls his hand back, letting me take deep breaths.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m in here... in your room,” he says, smiling.

I give him a look that says duh, not trusting myself to speak. He laughs. God, his laugh is so magnetic.

“Well, you see, I’m not a normal... human,” he starts. “I’m a ghost, and you just moved in to my house and my room. I don’t like it. So leave. Now.”

I laugh and say,”There’s no way you’re a spirit. You just touched me.I can actually... touch you.”

He sighs.

“That’s cause you’re special. It’s weird. Only you can see, hear, and, apparently, touch me.”

I roll my eyes. This has to be a joke. But how did he get in my room? And why, out of all people, is he joking with me?

“God damn, this isn’t a joke!” He yells.

I jump, not expecting him to yell.

“Then what the bloody hell is it then?” I snap back.

“The bloody truth!”

Author Notes: To be continued.

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25 Apr, 2019
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