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The Bridge

The Bridge

By JustNicoleValiukas

[center]I am the bridge at the park.[/center]

[center]I am a silent watcher, I stand strong and immovable, a lone wolf... forever observing from the edges of reality. I am the girl who wants to play sport, but is only believed to be good enough to sit on the sidelines- or pretty enough to be a cheerleader. I am both and neither of those things. I have no sense of awareness- a child both deaf and blind- people laugh around me, but I do not hear. They walk over me, yet I feel nothing. Their shoes leave scuffed imprints on the worse-for-wear wooden boards of my soul.[/center]

[center]I am unstable, people never want to approach me, out of fear that I may cave in and send them falling with me. I am weathered, beaten and bruised-  decaying overtime in wind and rain. I have become a shell of my former self, like a washed up celebrity. Nobody notices me, like the secretly talented kid who refuses to let anyone see. My paint has flaked, scrapings of rusty red like blood caught under the fingernails of vandals, damning evidence... if only anybody cared. People deface me with crude sketches and grafitti of meaningless words like "I was never here" or "Jess loves Matt forever."[/center]

[center]I am the bridge in the park.[/center]

[center]Children play cautiously around me, I suffer in chronic exile. A royal red and gold carpet of leaves settles over me in Autumn, frost covers me in a blanket of cold in winter, pollen floats down from overhanging tree branches in spring to land on me and in summer, the warm rays scorch my surface, baking the ground beneath me. None ever stay for long.[/center]
[center]Drunken people stumble across me at night- one even fell off once, teenagers stroll leisurely across me with hands interwined, people fight on me and shady dealings occur in broad daylight, all of which go unobserved, except of course, by me.[/center]

[center]I am the bridge at the park.[/center]

[center]Nobody wants me around, but why should I care? I'm just a bridge.[/center]
[center]The life of a bridge is solitary confinement... and it sucks.[/center]
[center]I think they are going to tear me down... even more than they already have.[/center]

Author Notes: I want to jump off a bridge soon... attached to a harness. Bungee jumping:)

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6 May, 2014
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1 min
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