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The Burden
The Burden

The Burden

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Lindon Texas 11-17-2004

Many years ago there was a couple. They never married and were always drinking, smoking, and doing drugs. Rene was about to give birth to her third child (2nd by him) when Gaza left her. He said it was over and walked out. Rene blamed her child for this. After giving birth to Hope she took her home, and by that, I mean the motel. She hated Hope because Gaza left.

Not long after she starved Hope. She was only a few hours old and the only food she'd had was at the hospital. We don't know how it happened, but social services came and took the baby away from Rene. They feed the dying baby and took care of her till Rene's mother Liz took Hope in. With Hope came 18-month-old brother Paul.

This is going to be vague because I don't remember any of this and because I was only told what was going on at this time. To be clearer my name is Hope and this is my life. It's got a lot of strange events and can be very sensitive depending on the person. This book will have neglection, depression, suicidal parts, love, sacrifice, death, alcoholism, addiction, illness, and more. I hope you all look forward to reading more. This is all I have time for today but look for The Burden part 2.

Author Notes: This has real problems and life situations. Whether you believe the tale is real or not is up to you.

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13 May, 2019
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