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The Burden Part 2
The Burden Part 2

The Burden Part 2


Around different places in Texas at an unknown year between 2004-2011

After a while with grandparents, me (Hope) and my brother (Paul) went to live with our father (Gaza). Gaza was now with a girl named Nikki and she would always yell at us for no reason. They were both drunk alcoholics, but there's a blank in my memory before that day. I would be watching "Jem" on the TV, but I loved the rope swing my father had put up for us. Our town was small and we went to school out of town, but I can't remember what it looked like. The people there where always so mean though. I remember the one kid named Tyler though. Back when he came to our school and was new he became a bully to me. He would always call me a vampire cause my K9 teeth were bigger than the others. The entire school caught on and it just became a mess, but I never told anyone and pretended like everything was ok.

My dad was never there when I needed him because he was always drunk out somewhere. He wasn't abusive to me he was drunk. He had these buddies he hung out with over the city line and they were always drinking. He took me over there once with my brother, and I was about 5, it was a nightmare. They didn't have anything to drink except alcohol, and it was a hot day, so I was really thirsty. I was playing outside with the dogs because it stunk in the house, but the heat was killing me. When we went home I was so dry and felt really bad, but I keep going.

One night I was starving because my father didn't give us food, but he was at our neighbor's party getting drunk and high. My brother was looking out for me and decided to get our dad, but I only made things worse. My dad came home with a giant woodchip in his foot bleeding everywhere, but instead of a hospital he just fixed himself up in the bathroom and scolded Paul for everything. I never got my food until the morning, so it was for nothing.

We hung with a girl at a lake once, Gaza and her got into a fight so we had to leave early. We got into a wreck at a stop sign, but after we got a friend to pull us out we drove off before the cops came.

He waved a machete at a guy, but the cops said he was out of the yard when I was watching him and he was on our property.

The cops always seemed to arrest my dad, but one arrest I haven't forgotten yet. We were with his friend, and they took us to McDonald's. He got drunk there like usual and the friend's mother (i think) called the cops about them being drunk. They were driving us around the town when the cops suddenly pulled their sirens. we drove like a block before pulling over, and the cops asked them out of the vehicle. they were put into a cop car and taken to the station. A cop got into our vehicle and drove us to the station too. We got a stuffed animal and got picked up by Nikki.

These are all just entries that I've found of a true story that someone has gone through. It's really jumpy because many things aren't really there, but some events and stuff are. Sorry for this being strange and for not making things clearer. I'm going off of the resources I have. Till The Burden Part 3, I hope y' all enjoy!

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19 May, 2019
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3 mins
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