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The Burning Bridge
The Burning Bridge

The Burning Bridge

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --
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"The rose dyed crimson, the glass dripped gold,

The sleepless nights struck hard by the light of dawn.

The beauty bewitched, the curse untold,

The shadow swayed, and in seconds was gone.

"A burning bridge, two worlds apart,

A broken crown, an irreversible start.

A dagger stained scarlet by a broken heart

A glimmering diamond torn apart

"You were there, you would truly know,

She was broken, shattered, with nothing to lose.

You were the one who delivered the blow,

Tears of silver rained, a scar and a bruise.

"A burning bridge, a circle of life,

A pomegranate fatal with strife,

A dark paradise with woes and pain,

A taste of fool’s gold when all is vain.

Author Notes: This is kinda like a way of venting for me, so if you don't think this is up to my standards, its because I'm venting and babbling nonsense. Nevertheless, I still think its a pretty good poem so I decided to put it here. As always, the line-skipping wasn't working, so quotation marks are here to stay.

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-- The Huntress --
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19 Feb, 2020
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