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The House On EastBound Street

The House On EastBound Street

By audreyyy_13 - 1 Review

A group of kids called the metal rod ducks, were in their usual hang out spot, by the pond. Bradley their group leader was the Mighty duck and his other "ducklings" Zach, Jesse, Jax and Alex the only girl in the group. "Clique" that's what alex called them it would have to be some sort of girl code. Dazzled is a correct word to use how bradley felt about alex, usually Bradly wouldn't allow a girl in their group but she was different. EastBound was their next place to explore , it was said to be the coolest hangout in their city. Franklin, zach's dog would be going with them so would Jax's older brother Xaivier for "help" and "protection" the truth is Xaivier doesn't go to help he goes to scare and tease Jax.

"Guys we need to find a place to meet before tonight" Bradly was unsure about the plans.

"How about the park down the road from the house on EastBound?" Alex always came up with great ideas.

"I think that sounds good does any one have any objections?"

"Jesse and I thought we could all just leave together alot of weird things happen around that area" Jax has always been a scaredy cat.

"K" Alex roled her eyes "Why do you always act like a baby?" Jax took a second no one had ever said it to his they only thought it

"Look we'll never get through today if we start to argue" part of bradley's job was to keep everyone in check when they acted like that.

"My, my, my, looks like we have a tough responsible guy right here with us tonight ladies and gents!"Xaivier mocked bradley.

"No, just stop Xaivier" there was a long moment of pause, Jax never stuck up for himself when it came to his brother."Lets just go"

"okay" the whole group mummbled and off they went little did they know that might have been the last time they would all be seen.

People say they were abducted , and others say they all hitched hiked to another state becuase of how much those kids were misunderstood but in reality none of that happened.

"Quickly!" Bradley shouts crying and carrying Alex, the only three left after the terrific advents that had just taken place moments before.

*Running, kinda out of breath* "I'm sorry I don't think I can keep going Brad,Everyone is gone they got Franklin, My little Franklin he didn't deserve it!" Zach never really cried but he dropped to the groud and started to sob.

"Shut up Zach we are so lucky to still be alive right now that the others" he had to pause it was so much to bare with all at once "They had to die for us to be here right now, I know it sucks but we got to keep going!"

"U there!" that voice sounded familiar it couldn't, could it.

"Vawala I'm sure you guys missed me" it sounded familiar becuase it was, ( it was Xaivier!) he had dried blood on his arms and pants and looked as if he was crying too, there was even a little tear fragment on his cheek "I'm so sorry I know I let you all down, especially Jax" silence followed.

"Well what are we waiting for let's go, go, go!" Xaivier said blinking back more tears

Xaivier ran ahead leading the ducks while the others trailed behind, Alex was still unconscious in bradley's arms she had fainted after watching jesse, jax, and the poor pup get killed.

"You know we can never tell any one about this, they won't believe us" they all knew no one would believe them but how else are they suppose to explain what happened to the other two boys.

*20 minutes later* Xaivier looked behind him to see none of the other survivers behind except Alex laying just started to wake up when she was yanked out from the threshold of the door with a big *SLAM* he knew he could never explain what happened but he also knew he could no live with the burdin of knowing what happened to his brother and his dorky friends.

Author Notes: Did you notice each new sentence started with the next letter in the alphabet?

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4 Mar, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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