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The Cat Who Jumped

The Cat Who Jumped

By Inspiring_Espurr

Hi, my name is Naomi and I'm a munchkin kitten with a bright pink shiny colar with a glimmering bell that goes "ding dong" when I move. I really like to play with string and wool! It looks like a snake. My favourite food is wet cat food and I hate that horrible tablet that keeps the fleas away. My owners always trick me into eating a piece of chicken... I always fall for it... I love climbing on fences and jumping onto roofs! I always need my owners to get me down though. I have tried jumping before, but my owners wont let me. I wonder what it's like jumping...

One bright sunny morning, I was laying in my cat bed, excited and ready for a new day! It's time for breakfast soon! I better go to my bowl! Naomi padded to her scarlet bowl, which had a bright shine. To my superise, the floor was freezing cold! Do I dare to take another step? I shook. I was completely paralysed from head to toe. I had to be brave, I couldn't be a coward again! Naomi shook with fear and bravely managed to touch the freezing floor. "Oh!" I thought to myself. Proudly, I walked on the ice cold floor like nothing was bothering me, but I was so distracted on the thought of what I had done that I slipped and bashed my into one of the kitchen cupboards! I shook my head and carried on walking.

Finally, Naomi reached her bowl and began to eat her prepared food. After that, since Naomi's owners were asleep, she decided to drink from the toilet, which she is not aloud to. After all that toilet water, Naomi decided she'd climb up the fence. 3 hours passed and her owners had awoken. I saw my male owner opening the curtains and waving at me! At this moment, I'd do anything to get down. My owners were getting dressed at this point. I knew it'd take long for them to come. I got so bored that I decided I'd try jumping. Looking unsure, I decided to take the jump from the big fence!

Suddenly, my colar got caught on a piece of sticking out wood. I was trapped. There was no where to go. I struggled, but I knew it was hopeless. I was going to die. Is this my end? Will I go to kitty heaven? My mind just spun around. I thought of when I was a little kitten. Oh those were days... My female owner saw me still on the fence and she rushed downstairs crying. My male owner followed. She stared at me and reached out for me. She kept tapping me and I awoke dizzy. I was still alive! Thank goodness! She imeadeatly took my colar off and replaced it for another red one. "See, Harold! I told you this pink colar would harm her!" She said. "Well you were the one who told me a pink one was good!" My male owner said. They had an endless arguement! I got so bored. I decided to take a nap on the table.

The end!

Author Notes: Buy your cats/kittens safety collars!

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28 Jul, 2016
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2 mins
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