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The Changing

The Changing

By Daniel_Cann - 1 Review

I sat down on the bench; a slight breeze touched my face with its ice cold teeth. The courtyard which I sat in was a stone circle with a tree in the middle, 4 arches on each side. I sat silently in the eternal night which Ygharam had been plunged into. The courtyard looked so hallowed under the moonlight, like a god had showered it in sublime dust. The plants looked like they had a celestial aura and the tree waved its branches like it was alive.

But maybe it was. I would be next, next to enter the house of shadow ministration. The same thing would happen to me like all the rest; I shall brave the horror. If only I could escape my fate – escape time and turn the entire world into ashes. That is what Ygharam has become. Ever since they unleashed the ichor of shadow ministration upon Uillieoa. Now we are isolated.

I felt heavy, moistures breathing on my cheek. It was like rain was pouring onto one side of my face. I touched its head, still not looking at what they had done. I felt my skin run through the wet bumps and ridges of its frail skin. I turned round. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It had 6 massive, slender arms and a face with so many eyes I could not count them all. It was massive, tall and hunched. Its skin was pale and anaemic and its many eyes were black. The thing looked so forlorn, like it was mourning a lost attribute.

I stood there, in front of it. I could feel my emotions toppling outside of my mind as I began unleashing my hatred upon the ones that did this. I could not hold back my sorrow, and I shed a tear. The creature stretched its great neck forward and my tear fell onto its long cheek. It ran down the beasts face and dropped onto the floor.

“I'm sorry” I subtly said. I was still crying, without a sound my tears ran down my face like water running through a river. “Let us all become this way” I said through my whimpers. “For this is what has become of us all”

I was still standing in front of it. It. It. I couldn’t bear the overwhelming melancholy and I turned my back to the horrifying lifeform. Once again, I felt its slimy skin touch face, and this time its spindly arms clasped my chest. I felt its strong, long, bony fingers grapple my torso and open up my long black tailcoat. It lifted me up far above its head and let out a massive screech which stunned my ears and resonated throughout the whole of Ygharam. It put me down and began charging out of the courtyard to join the hunt. I began screaming in pain that was caused by my broken heart. I felt gloved hands grab my entire body and restrain me.

No! No!” I screamed while tears splashed everywhere. I could not bear the feeling in my chest as I approached the door! I would join them. I would lose every aspect of what they call human inside of me.

I could bear my sorrow no longer. Let this be the way it must be. Let the world be consumed by this wistful ichor. Let it take us all.

Author Notes: This was the second that I ever wrote.

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16 Nov, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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