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The Chase
The Chase

The Chase

2 Reviews

The air burning my lungs. My feet pounding the ground. I hear the growls getting louder. Closer. I see a road through the dense forest, I speed up.

I peek behind my shoulder and I spot the beast. He is shaped like a dog with sunken, black, veiny eyes, long, tusk-like teeth, dripping black sludge. He has to be at least 6 feet tall with all four feet on the ground. I don’t have the speed to run from him much longer. I rely on my small stature and agile movements.

Ahead of me, at the edge of the forest, I spot a shiny metal rod that looked to be part of what once was a deer blind that fell from the tree. I swipe my hand to the ground and grab the rod, no idea what I will do with this…but its something. I cross the dirt road at the end of the woods and run into a large grassy field flooded with boulders.

I can feel his breath on my back. I can’t keep running. I quickly dodge behind a boulder, which delays the beast enough for me to think. He comes barreling back at me with his mouth wide open ready to take a chunk out of me. I stand behind the boulder, standing firm, I hold out the long metal rod. Once he came close I jabbed the rod into his mouth, and it poked out of his neck. Black sludge splattered everywhere. An ear piercing screech comes from this creature and he falls to the ground, shaking the soil beneath my toes.

Questions begin flooding my brain, but the most pressing one is how will I get home safely knowing what’s out there?

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12 Mar, 2021
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1 min
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