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the child

the child

By alexander

he first woke up in darkness wiht shouts and screams he was scared and frighted he wanted to run and hide from the screaming but when he tried to move his legs they felt heavy and all he could do was move his arms. He sarted to cry a loud wailing traveled that house of darkness and all went silent until the foot steps started to move heavy towards the door he couldn't stop crying. The foot steps stop out side the door and then a smash of a fist on the door and then three more then quite not a sound he had stoped crying by being so scared. then the door handle began to turn adn he tried to squrem out of the heavyness on his leg but nothing. Then the door opend and a hulking figerd opened they door a man with a kitchen knife was there and there was drops of red comming form him and he rasied the knife up at the child.

John had alwase been loud at school but his freinds new that if they met him outside he was quite a lot of the time. When he moved to the school two years ago children asked what was wrong with his hands that he was missing two finger he expland that it had happend in an accident. He lived in a foster home John had been really hopeing to be found and picked to go live with a happy family but no such luck he had been there for years now and the care workers were nice to him but there were so many new chilren each day he was usualy left in teh back. So he would go for walk's in the park and enjoy sitting down on the benches near the lake even in winter while the lake was frozen and looking at the fish alwase swimming below it.

the months and years past until John was 14 and went to his secondary school he thought he would enjoy it beacue his freinds were supposed to go with him to the same college. The orpanage that he lived in closed down and he had to move to a colder part of the country up in the north andd saty there it was a more damp sad place in the middle of the country side and it was wet nine months of the year.

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9 Oct, 2013
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2 mins
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