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Childhood Accident
Childhood Accident

Childhood Accident

yaboyrobertRobert Thornton
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An event that gave me a whole different perspective on life was when I had gotten into an off-roading accident with my family at a younger age. We had been on a nice, quiet trail in the woods that was a beautiful place to look at. There was tons of wildlife and a nice, calm river that went through it. As a family, we had always gone on that trail and enjoyed ourselves, talking to each other and just riding our quads for fun. That was until the problems came one day.

One of our quads had broken down before we went out, so we all decided to ride around on one quad on the trail, that being all four of us. It had been going well for a while, we were having fun and enjoying ourselves, and we had just reached the base of a little uphill when it had happened. Because of the heat and all the extra weight on the quad, the already worn down front tire had blown out, causing the quad to veer left and off the side of the trail. We took a fifteen-foot tumble down the side, but it had felt like an eternity. Everyone hit down on a rocky surface, and no one got up right away.

Before I could do anything, there was a piercing pain in my leg that shook through my whole body. The quad had tumbled down the hill and landed on my lower leg, crushing the bone and anything else under it. I was crying out in pain, but I couldn't do anything because of how heavy the quad was. I looked at my father, who had cuts all on his face and his body, and he was standing over my sisters who were also bleeding. He looked over, watching me try to save myself, and he ran to help, but the quad was too heavy for him. My sisters came over and tried to help my father, and they managed to lift it an inch off my leg. Before I could move my limp body out of the way, the heavyweight caused them to drop the machinery on my leg once again. I was whimpering in pain when they finally managed to get it off of me and safely drop it next to my leg.

At first, we didn't know what to do, we all just stood there looking at each other, with everyone in some kind of pain and shock. There was no service in the woods, so there was no chance for us to call for help until my father spotted something in the distance. He could see a little building in a clearing, and we all began to hear the sound of a motor. It seemed as if there were people over there who were getting ready to leave. My father knew we needed to get help fast, so he started to run. He ran as fast as he could across the field and stopped the truck before they could leave. We saw the men turn the truck around towards us and speed over. They drifted to a stop right in front of the water, and minutes later we saw an ambulance coming across the field and a helicopter in the sky. The men and paramedics helped us from the river, and we were airlifted out of the woods and taken to a nearby hospital. We all came out of the accident with minor injuries, ranging from a fractured ankle to minor concussions.

This experience made me think a lot, and I saw how lucky my family and I were to have not gotten it any worse than it was. But I couldn’t let this experience eat at me forever. People always say reliving the past will never create a healthy present. Putting this event behind me was a big-time move, because it helped me focus on present life more, which directly helped me get happier and start to look at life in a more positive way. Something else this event helped me learn was to not take life for granted. I need to see every day as if it was my last, because it really could be for anybody. I need to have fun in life and not mope around all the time, and I need to appreciate things and people no matter what because you don't know how much longer you or anybody else has left in this world.

Author Notes: This is based on a true story. No people were severely injured or killed in this accident.

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Robert Thornton
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4 Feb, 2019
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