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The Childrens Home
The Childrens Home

The Childrens Home

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"Stay here, Ana." Ana's mother says and runs away.

Half an hour later

"Mommy?" Ana whispers and hold on tightly to the teddy bear her dad got her at a carnival.

"Oh, sweetie. Where is your mommy?" a couple walks up and the woman asks.

"My mommy left me." Ana says, and the woman leans down to pick her up.

"Well, I can be your new mommy. And that can be your new daddy." She points to the man.

"Okay!" Ana says excitedly, and looses grip of the teddy bear.

"Teddy!" Ana yells and the man grabs it and hands it back to her.

She giggles, and holds on tightly to the womans neck.

"I am Rosalie and that is Marshal." Rosalie says, and uses her free hand to grab Marshal's hand.

"Do I have brothers or sisters?"

"Nine, hon." Rosalie giggles.

"I miss my big brother. He always watched me when my old mommy and daddy fought." I said.

"What was his name, hon?"


Marshal gasps and they start walking faster.

Fifteen Minutes Later

"Kids, we're home!" Rosalie yells and four little kids, younger than Ana, run up. and yell their names.

"Mom, can I have a friend over." A voice Ana recognized said, and turned the corner.


"Ana?" he looks at Ana and then a smile spreads over his face. "Ana!!"

He rushes over and picks me up.

"Old mommy left me at a road. Rosalie found me! She's new mommy!" she said happily.

Turns out she was horribly wrong..

Author Notes: Should I continue this???? This has me and my brother in it, but I'm not getting connected with the story tbh.

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19 Apr, 2021
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