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The Circle Turns and Turns
The Circle Turns and Turns

The Circle Turns and Turns



Upon the day I first arrived

The house was filled with joy

They changed my nappies saw I thrived

their precious little baby boy

And as i grew they fed me well

With bottles dish and spoon

They bought me clothes and they could tell

That I'd be talking soon.

Then sure enough my legs grew strong

At first I stood and then I walked and finally I ran

When the time for school came, I gladly went along

These people dressed me bought my clothes and helped me be a man

The time eventually arrived for me to fly the nest

They did their best to help me out wherever I should roam

My loving parents really were the best

They made my friends boys, girls and scallywags all welcome in their home

And as I grew and settled down to a happy married life

I got a job and bought a house and gave up single living

Mam and Dad were always there for me the kids and wife

They were loved by all of us, would never interfere and always they were giving

And came the days my lovely folks began to find life harder

We tried our best with all the kids to keep their independent ways

Take them out with us for trips, shop for them, and leave food in the larder

The boys would take their dinners the girls would make them laugh for days

Eventually the sad day came, that dreadful beast we call dementia

They forgot to eat forgot to wash forgot their dearest friends

They left the house they'd had so long and started a new adventure

We took them to our home sweet home and gave them happy ends

As they got worse we fed them well with dish and spoon

We bought them all their clothes and things they needed to sustain

We changed their nappies held their hands and helped them round the room

And even in their frail old shells, we never knew them to complain

On the day Dad passed away

It happened in his sleep

And soon after that sad day my Mam went the same way

A house was filled with sadness, but with happy memories to keep.

Now my kids have little ones

And as I’m growing old

I see the circle turns and turns

With new, old stories to be told.

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About The Author
About This Story
18 Jan, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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