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It was a very calm, peaceful night.

High up in the sky, a full moon was set among thousands of stars and in the far distance, was the immense halo band of the Milky Way.

Then there was the shimmering lake and finally, the stunning Mount Shasta. The lower areas of the mountain were covered mostly with trees and the upper part was covered with snow. It was a magnificent sight to behold.

Sitting on a rock by the lake, was a young man called Raymond.

At that moment, Raymond was dwelling on the rumoured city of Telos under Mount Shasta and its Lemurian inhabitants. He was soon to find out that those things were more than just rumours.

Suddenly, a Merlin-like figure holding a long staff with a serpent’s head on the end, appeared before Raymond.

“Have no fear,” the man said kindly. “I will not harm you.”

“Who are you?”

“Merlin the magician.”

Raymond stared open mouthed at the man.

“Are you serious?”

“Indeed I am. Who might you be?”

“I’m Raymond.”

“Pleased to meet you.”


“I suspect you wish to know why I’m here?”

“I do yes.”

“I have come to take you to the city of Telos.”

“Telos exists?”

“Indeed it does.”

“How will you take me there?”

“The same way I came to you. Now take my hand.”

Raymond held Merlin’s hand and the pair of them vanished.

They reappeared by another lake, within what turned out to be, a very strange cavern a cavern with no darkness.

Raymond was completely stupefied by what he saw.

First of all, there was the lush vegetation, the vibrant seas of many-coloured flowers, the emerald green grass, the mushrooms and the large crystals.

Then there were the life forms – squirrels, multicoloured birds, rabbits, deer, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, rabbits, Stegosaurs, Tyrannosaurs, Brachiosaurs, Raptors, Triceratops, Dimetrodon and many others.

Elemental beings were there too. Unicorns were drinking from the lake, fairies were flying about everywhere, gnomes were sitting on mushrooms by the lake, young fauns were playing about, nymphs were sitting on branches, dragons were flying higher up and so on.

There were a good many people about too.

Unlike Merlin, they all had long blonde hair and youthful skin. They wore shimmering multicoloured shorts, shirts, robes, dresses, trousers and sandals.

There were people walking dogs back and forth along gem-embedded crystal paths, riding on the backs of Raptors and resting by the lake.

Children were playing around with one another, dancing about with fairies and playing hide and seek with fauns among the trees.

On the far side of the lake, there was some kind of vast, gleaming multicoloured superstructure of enormous domes, some four or five miles across.

As for the cavern itself, well, it was stupendous in size. The walls were out of sight, the ceiling over four miles above and it had a warm atmosphere.

Furthermore, it was all lit up by a very pale bluish- purple luminescence.

“This is overwhelming,” Raymond said. “So many rumours and folklore I’ve heard speak of about Mount Shasta, but this beyond what I ever imagined.”

“This is just the beginning.”

Raymond gazed in wonder at the superstructure.

“Is that Telos?” he asked.

“It most certainly is.”

“It’s gigantic.”

“The city consists of six domes – the largest one in the centre, with the other five forming a pentagon around it. And there are inter-linking passages between the domes.”

“How large is this cavern?”

“Over forty miles long and over thirty in width.”


“Telos is situated directly beneath Mount Shasta and its close vicinity.”

“I can’t wait to see inside the city.”

“I’m taking you there right away.”

As they made their way round to the far side of the lake, Raymond saw many more Elementals. A faun, whom was playing a pipe under a tree waved at him, as did a pair of nymphs. He waved back at them all.

“This is all just so much to take in,” Raymond said.

“What you see here is just a fraction of what lies beneath the Earth’s surface.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“This cavern happens to be one of many thousands, all of which are connected by huge passageways.”


“Yes. Many of them have environments inside – jungles, swamps, mushroom forests, vast lakes, even oceans. All such caverns are inhabited.”


“More of it you will find out about while we’re in Telos.”

When Raymond and Merlin reached the other side of the lake, they began to make their way through a very large area of lush vegetation, formal gardens with vibrant flowers, crystal statues, ponds and luminous multicoloured fountains and parkland.

There were squirrels, doves, pigeons, dragonflies, bees and many other creatures to be seen.

Thousands of fairies were fluttering about, gnomes were sitting on mushrooms by ponds – on which ducks and geese were swimming, more nymphs were perched on branches, fauns were playing pipes and dancing and dragons were lying or sitting around in the parks. There were trolls too.

There were many people there as well. They were either walking dogs along gem-embedded crystal paths, lounging around in the parks, sitting on fountain edges, sitting in arbours and groves in the gardens and playing with their children.

More children were playing on swings, slides, roundabouts, seesaws, helter-skelters and dancing around in circles with young fauns and fairies.

Eventually, Raymond and Merlin reached a very large area of gem-embedded crystal ground in front of an immense, triangular opening – leading into the central dome.

Many Telosians were going in or coming out of the dome, along with elves, nymphs, trolls, fauns, fairies, dwarves, gnomes and smaller dragons.

“Well, here we are,” Merlin said.

So Raymond and Merlin entered Telos.

The interior of the dome took Raymond completely by surprise.

It was all just lush vegetation and magnificent gardens. There were many Telosians and numerous Elementals, including dragons, which were flying about.

In the distance, there was a shimmering, multicoloured crystal pyramid poking above the vegetation.

The most astonishing thing, was the fact that dome was mostly transparent from the inside, which meant that Raymond could clearly see the outside environment.

“Astonishing!” Raymond said.

“The ancestors of the people here used extremely advanced technology to build Telos.”

“I thought as much.”

“The same kind of technology is still in use today.”

“What’s inside the pyramid?”

“The Telosian Council chamber.”

“I’d love to see it.”

“Were going there now.”

Merlin and Raymond made their way through the stunning gardens and vegetation towards the pyramid.

Along the way, Raymond saw squirrels scurrying about, fairies, gnomes, elves, dwarves, trolls, butterflies, dragonflies, Telosians and other life forms.

Eventually, Raymond and Merlin reached the pyramid, which was situated in the centre of a large square clearing.

The pyramid was about two hundred feet high with smooth sides and was mounted on a gem-embedded crystal platform.

Merlin and Raymond climbed a wide flight of steps and entered the pyramid through a large triangular opening.

Within the pyramid-shaped chamber, there was a wide ring of luminescent fountains – each a different colour, surrounding a circular platform in the centre.

A flight of steps led up onto the platform, where there was a group of twelve robed Telosians sitting on crystal chairs around a large circular crystal table. Ten of them had silver robes and the other two gold ones.

As for the pyramid, it was almost completely invisible from within.

Merlin and Raymond climbed onto the platform.

“Greetings Merlin,” one of the gold robed Telosians, who happened to be a man, said cheerfully.

“Greetings Lord Adama.”

The other Telosians faced Merlin. Five of the silver robed ones were men, the other five women and the other gold robed one was a woman.

“I see that you have with you a being from the outer world,” the woman in the gold robe said warmly.

“Yes. This is Raymond Rosalia.”

“Greetings Raymond,” the gold robed Telosians said in unison.

“Greetings Lord Adama, greetings Rosalia.”

“Lord Adama and Rosalia are the head members of the Telosian Council,” Merlin said to Raymond.

The other Council members introduced themselves to Raymond. The men were called Paris, Ulysses, Achilles, Hercules and Odysseus and the women were called Elektra, Ganymede, Io, Europa and Calisto.

“Where did you find Raymond?” Lord Adama asked.

“By the lake near Mount Shasta.”

“What do you make of our subterranean sanctuary Raymond?” Rosalia asked.

“It’s totally astonishing.”

“Telos was built by our ancestors before the destruction of Lemuria, which sank beneath the waves thousands of years ago,” Lord Adama said.

“I’ve heard something of that,” said Raymond.

“Other Lemurian cities like Telos exist in many other caverns,” Rosalia said. “They had to be built because of the increasing population.”

“Do you ever travel to other settlements?” asked Raymond.

“Indeed we do,” Lord Adama replied.”


“By teleportation,” replied Rosalia.


“Lemurians from other settlements travel by teleportation to Telos,” Rosalia said.

“I’m so looking forward to seeing the rest of Telos,” said Raymond. What do you have here?”

“Everything we need,” Lord Adama said. “There’s a school, a library, a temple of knowledge, houses, farmland, a play area for children, swimming areas, more gardens, parks and a sports area.”

“What about banks and manufacturing?” asked Raymond.

“We have no money, so there’s no need for banks,” Rosalia replied. “Neither do we manufacture anything.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” said Raymond. “How do you create things without manufacturing them?”

“We use the power of thought,” Lord Adama replied.

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I’ll show you how it’s done,” said Lord Adama.

He closed his eyes and a crystal bowl of fruit appeared out of nowhere.

“Amazing!” Raymond said.

“Now you see why we have no need for factories,” said Rosalia.

There was a moments silence.

“Now then, it’s time for you to see the rest of Telos,” Lord Adama said.

Merlin and Raymond exchanged farewells with the Council and left the pyramid.

“Did you enjoy that?” Merlin asked.

“I certainly did.”

The pair of them journeyed on through the vibrant gardens and vegetation. At one point, they saw a few dozen Telosians swimming in a very large starfish-shaped swimming pool of luminous pink water.

Eventually, Raymond and Merlin reached the edge of the dome.

Beyond the gardens, there was an extremely wide passage with high walls and a curved roof – about a quarter of a mile wide and a height of roughly six to seven hundred feet, which led to another part of the settlement.

What a passage it was too.

There were massive crystal obelisks, immense, luminous multicoloured fountains, holographic statues of animals, Elementals and much more.

As Raymond walked through the passage with Merlin, he saw hundreds of Telosians walking dogs, sitting on crystal chairs, dancing, singing, playing instruments, swimming in large luminous pools – each a different colour, performing magic tricks, eating and drinking.

Then there were the fairies, the birds, the flower beds, the round crystal walls – surrounding very wide areas of grass with large trees growing in their centres and other Elemental beings.

Furthermore, the passage was mostly transparent like the dome.

“This is overwhelming,” Raymond said. “There are so many Elementals here.”

“There were Elementals on Lemuria too.”



“It’s all so much to take in. No city above ground can compare to this.”

At the end of the passage, there was another incredible sight.

“Amazing!” Raymond said.

There just happened to be a very large field – a field full of crops – wheat, corn and barley, which was surrounded, not by walls, not by fences, not by hedges, but by small trees and countless flowers.

Running along the edge of the field, was a crystal road – embedded with gems.

A fair few Telosians and Elemental beings, including dwarves, goblins and fauns, were walking back and forth.

As for the dome, it was mostly transparent.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” Raymond said.

“Farming is done in this dome, as it was in the time of Lemuria.”

“Are other things grown in this part of the city?”

“Indeed there are. Fruits and vegetables are grown.”

“What about farm animals?”

“Animals too yes. There are ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, cows, pigs and horses. No meat is consumed.”

“Why do the Telosians bother with this, when they can just create food out of thin air?”

“Because they like to keep the ancient Lemurian ways going.”

“I see.”

“You’ll see how it all works.”

Raymond and Merlin turned right and began to walk along the road, until finally, they reached the edge of the field.

Beyond that, there was a straight crystal road – embedded with gems, lined on both sides with trees and flowers, which led to some area near the centre of the dome.

More Telosians and Elementals were walking back and forth along the road.

On the other side of the road, there was another field – about the same size as the one in which the wheat, corn and barley were growing. It too was surrounded by small trees and flowers.

Unlike the opposite field, there were no crops growing within it. Instead, there was a sea of grass and dozens of grazing cows. There were small birds there too and countless fairies.

Raymond stared in wonder at the cows – some of which stared back. It was so hard for him to believe that such lifeforms existed in such a place, yet the cows were there.

Beyond that field, there was a second straight gem-embedded crystal road – leading inwards with another field on the other side. More small trees and flowers surrounded the third field.

Within the next field, there were thousands upon thousands of vegetables growing in separate patches. There were carrots, lettuces, courgettes, leaks, potatoes, tomatoes, different varieties of kale and many other vegetables.

Furthermore, there were Telosians, goblins, dwarves and fauns harvesting and gathering up the produce into crystal vessels, while fairies danced about.

Beyond that field, there was another straight road of gem-embedded crystal with a fourth field – surrounded by small trees and flowers on the other side.

Within the fourth field, there were plenty of sheep and goats grazing and countless fairies were dancing around.

Even further along the way, there was yet another gem-embedded crystal road – separating the fourth field from a fifth one. Like the other fields, it was surrounded by trees and flowers.

All different kinds of fruit were being grown in the field. There were apples, oranges, strawberries, pears, blackcurrants, bananas, raspberries and many others.

There were Telosians, dwarves, goblins and fauns picking the fruit and placing them in crystal vessels, while fairies danced about.

After that field, there was a gem-embedded crystal road with a sixth field – surrounded by flowers and trees on the other side.

Within the field, there were dozens of grazing horses, small birds and dancing fairies. Some of the horses looked up at Raymond and Merlin as they passed.

Beyond that field, there was another gem-embedded road with the first crop field on the other side.

It was plainly obvious to Raymond that he and Merlin had walked in the best part of a circle.

They started off along the road, passing Telosians and Elementals along the way.

At the end of the road, there was a large, circular area of ground – surrounded by trees and flowers.

There were plenty of activities going on in the place.

Cows were being milked by dwarves, Telosians, elves, fauns, goblins and more dwarves were coming out of the vegetable and fruit fields, carrying full vessels, while others were going back in with empty ones; children were playing about and feeding chickens, milk churns and full vessels of fruit and vegetables were being loaded onto very large hover vehicles by dwarves, fauns, goblins and Telosians, while empty ones were being taken off and thousands of fairies were dancing about.

“This is so wonderful,” Raymond said.

“It was the same in the time of Lemuria.”

“Do the Telosians have a crop rotation system?”

“Indeed they do.”

Suddenly one of the Telosians climbed in a fully loaded hover vehicle, started up the controls and headed off along one of the roads.

“Would you like to ride in one of the vehicles?” Merlin asked.

“Yes please.”

“We’ll ride in this one being loaded.”

The goblins who were doing the loading gave Merlin and Raymond permission to get on the vehicle.

When the vehicle was full, a woman got in the front, started the controls and headed off along the road, which the last full one had done.

“Would you like to have some fruit?” Merlin asked.

“Yes please.”

Merlin removed a bunch of grapes from one vessel, two pears from a second and two apples from a third and gave them to Raymond.

Raymond was rather hungry, so he ate the lot in one go.

“I’ve never tasted better fruit,” he said.

Finally, the vehicle reached the road running round the inner edge of the dome.

Beyond that, there was a vast, partially transparent passageway with vegetation and gardens on either side. In the passage, there were holographic sculptures, crystal obelisks, huge luminous multicoloured fountains, flower beds, trees and much more.

Like in the first passage, there were Telosians walking dogs, singing, dancing, playing instruments, swimming in different coloured luminous pools and sitting on chairs.

There were birds, cats and Elementals about too.

At one point, a goblin driving an empty hover vehicle, went past in the opposite direction.

Eventually, the vehicle, which Merlin and Raymond were riding in, reached the end of the passage, where there was another partially transparent dome.

Within the dome, there were what appeared to be, numerous circular domed structures, made of multicoloured crystal. The structures were not very big and had grass, mushrooms and flowers growing between them.

Not only that, but there was plenty of life too. There were cats, dogs, small birds, fairies, insects, gnomes, fauns playing pan pipes and hundreds of Telosians.

People were going in and out of the buildings through sliding doors, sitting around on chairs, carrying full or empty food vessels about and playing instruments. Children were playing about too.

Then there was the gem-embedded crystal road, which ran to the centre of the dome.

Furthermore, there were two more enormous passages branching off from the dome.

“The buildings, which you see here are houses,” Merlin said.

“There’s thousands of them. How many people live in Telos?”

“Around ten thousand.”

“That sure is a lot.”

Eventually, after a long, blissful ride, the hover vehicle reached a very wide clearing at the centre of the dome.

Within the clearing, there was a very tall luminous multicoloured fountain, at the centre of a large circular luminous pool, in which dozens of Telosians were swimming.

More Telosians, along with, dwarves, goblins and fauns, were unloading or reloading hover vehicles. There were fairies there too.

Merlin and Raymond got out of their vehicle, which was being unloaded.

“This is so wonderful,” Raymond said. “So much produce

“Well, now that you’ve seen this, we’ll move on.”

“Can we ride in another hover vehicle?”


“Why not?”

“Because the vehicles only go back and forth between here and the farmland.”

“That’s understandable.”

“Come on.”

Merlin and Raymond started off along another gem-embedded road. On the way, they passed plenty of Telosians walking dogs and Elementals.

More Telosians were going in and out of their homes and children were playing about all over the place.

Many small birds, insects and cats were there too.

“What I don’t understand is why the houses have no windows,” Raymond said.

“They’re partially transparent from the inside out like the dome.”

“How can people breathe when the doors are closed?”

“Each house has a hole in the centre of the roof to allow air in.”

Eventually, the road ended right before the farthest passage from the one leading to the farmland.

Raymond and Merlin walked through the mighty passage, which was just like the last one, until they reached the next, partially transparent dome.

Within the dome, there were tall trees, flowers, large mushrooms, grass patches, crystal clusters, small bushes and plenty more.

There were cats, gnomes, trolls, fauns, fairies, squirrels, goblins, elves, dwarves, insects, dragons flying about and Telosians walking dogs along gem-embedded crystal paths with vegetation and other lifeforms, including rabbits and deer on either side. That was only the nearest area beyond the passage.

“Is this an area that’s left mostly to nature?” Raymond asked.

“No. This is where the Telosians have their school, their play area for their young, their library and their area for playing sports.”

Raymond and Merlin walked along one of the paths, which led to a huge clearing, where within there was plenty of activity going on – activity for children.

There were all kinds of things taking place. Children were playing on swings, slides, seesaws, roundabouts, helter-skelters, climbing frames, rope swings; kicking soft balls about, playfighting, chasing each other, playing on trampolines, splashing about in a luminous multicoloured pool, dancing and singing to music with fauns, elves, dwarves, gnomes, goblins and fairies; feeding acorns to squirrels, painting and drawing on stones with unknown pigments and sitting with adults, who were telling stories.

“How delightful,” Raymond said.

“All the little ones come here to interact with one another.”

“When do they go to school?”

“At the age of six.”

“And after that?”

“After that they go on to study at the library.”

“At what age do they do that?”


“I’d love to see the school.”

“That’s where we’re heading now.”

Merlin and Raymond made their way along another path, with more flora and vegetation on either side, passing a few Telosians and several Elementals, including two goblins and a troll, until they reached another clearing – the same size as the last one.

Within the clearing, there were hundreds of older children, all seated on crystal stools around crystal tables in groups of twelve. Each group had six boys and six girls and was accompanied by a man and a woman.

However, there were no textbooks, nor any other kind of stationary equipment being used by the pupils.

Instead, they were studying holograms.

There were plenty of birds, butterflies and fairies about too.

“This is the school?” Raymond asked.

“It is indeed.”

“Why is it not situated inside a building?”

“Because the students like to be close to Nature when they’re studying.”

“I see.”

“Unlike your school systems on the outer world, the Telosians don’t spend hours studying throughout each week.”

“How does the system work here?”

“The students only spend three hours at school each week.”


“Because there are thousands of children between the age of six and sixteen here in Telos. They certainly can’t come here all at once. Therefore, they come in groups like you see here, at different times.”

“I see.”

“We shall continue now.”

Merlin and Raymond made their way round the edge of the clearing and headed along another path, which led to a fairly larger clearing.

What a clearing it was too.

There was what turned out to be a circular structure of gem-embedded crystal, built into the ground – like an amphitheatre, but with four levels. Leading down to each level were flights of steps.

On each level, there were Telosians sitting on stools at round tables, studying crystal tablets. More Telosians were removing tablets from unbroken circular shelves of crystal, while others were replacing them.

At the bottom of the structure, there was a tall luminous multicoloured fountain and more Telosians studying.

All of the Telosians were older than the school children.

Furthermore, there were plenty of birds, fairies and butterflies about.

“What in the world is that?” asked Raymond.

“The library.”

“It’s like no other library, which I have seen.”

“This is where Telosians come after leaving school. No one under the age of sixteen can come.”

“What kind of knowledge is contained here?”

“The entire history of Lemuria.”

Merlin and Raymond made their way a quarter of the way around the edge of the library, then headed off along another path, which led to a much larger clearing.

Within the clearing, there were dozens of Telosians – older children included, taking part in a range of sports. There was football, tennis, cricket, bowling, basketball, polo, gymnastics and athletics.

More Telosians were standing about with their dogs, as well as gnomes, fauns, elves, dwarves, and goblins.

There were thousands of fairies spectating too.

It was an amazing sight.

This is where the Telosians play their sports,” Merlin said.

“So I can see.”

“Children come here often when they’re not at school.”

“I see no sign of competitiveness or foul play.”

“That’s because the Telosians are not competitive.”

“I see.”

“Now I will take you to the next dome.”

Raymond and Merlin made their way almost round to the far side of the clearing and headed along another path, which led to the edge of the dome.

Beyond that point, there was another mammoth passage, which they made their way through to the next dome.

The next dome, which like the others before, was partially transparent, turned out to be partially similar to the last one.

There were plenty of trees, flowers, mushrooms, Telosians walking dogs along gem-embedded crystal paths, wildlife and Elementals, including trolls, fauns and fairies, but unlike in the last dome, there were dinosaurs.

There were Stegosaurs, Tyrannosaurs, Triceratops, Brachiosaurs and Dimetrodon, only they were smaller.

The Tyrannosaurs stood no more than two metres tall and were being ridden by older children.

“Amazing,” Raymond said. “Dinosaurs inside the city too.”

“They live in totally harmony here, as you can see.”

Raymond and Merlin began to make their way along a path with dinosaurs on either side. At one point, they passed a group of chicken-sized Raptors drinking from a luminous multicoloured fountain.

Soon, they reached the centre of the dome, where there was a two-hundred-foot-tall crystal obelisk – surrounded by ten massive holographic statues of dinosaurs and ten fifty-foot-tall luminous fountains – each a different colour.

There were many Elementals and Telosians about too.

“I could do with some food,” Raymond said.

Merlin produced out of thin air, a crystal bowl of fruit, which Raymond devoured very quickly. He then made the bowl vanish.

After walking about in the clearing for a short while, Merlin and Raymond began to make their way along another path – passing more Telosians walking dogs and Elementals.

There were more dinosaurs and Elementals on either side.

“So many dinosaurs,” said Raymond.

“Dinosaurs existed on Lemuria too.”



Finally, Merlin and Raymond reached another enormous passage. Through the passage they went, until they reached yet another, partially transparent dome.

The next dome turned out to be entirely different to all the others, which Merlin had taken Raymond in so far – different because there was no vegetation of any kind.

Instead, there were thousands of different sized crystal clusters. They ranged from the size of marram grass clumps to the size of large trees.

Furthermore, there was a gem-embedded crystal path – leading to whatever was at the centre of the dome.

“This is astonishing,” Raymond said as he and Merlin walked along the path, which ran for over a third of a mile, to a vast, circular clearing.

Within the clearing, there was a titanic crystal obelisk – some six hundred feet high and over a hundred feet wide at the base.

Surrounding the crystal, was a very wide ring twelve multicoloured fountains of liquid light – each over a hundred feet high.

The ground was all made of crystal – embedded with many thousands of gems.

But there was something totally extraordinary going on. Thousands of transparent globes were slowly orbiting around the crystal at different heights.

“What in the world is going on here?” Raymond asked.

“You’ll see.”

Merlin and Raymond walked further on and stopped between two of the fountains.

From there Raymond was able to see that there were Telosians seated inside the globes.

At one point, one of the globes descended to ground level. An opening appeared in its side – allowing the Telosian to get out.

“What is this place?” Raymond asked.

“This is the meditation temple.”

“It looks nothing like a temple.”

“Not all temples come in the form of pillared buildings.”

“What are those globes orbiting the crystal?”

“They are meditation bubbles. The Telosians sit inside them in order to gain higher knowledge contained within the crystal.”


“Now we shall head back to the Council chamber.”

Merlin and Raymond walked part of the way round the edge of the temple, before heading along a gem-embedded crystal path, which led to the edge of the dome.

Beyond that point, there was yet another mammoth passage, which led to the centre of Telos.

After walking through the passage, Raymond and Merlin headed along a gem-embedded crystal path with vegetation, Elementals, wildlife and Telosians walking through gardens on either side.

Finally, they reached the pyramid with the Council chamber inside. They climbed the steps and entered the pyramid.

All twelve members of the Council were still there.

“Greetings to you again Merlin,” Lord Adama and Rosalia said in unison.

“Greetings Lord Adama, greetings Rosalia.”

Lord Adama and Rosalia faced Raymond.

“So Raymond, what do you make of Telos?” Lord Adama asked.

“It’s astonishing. So overwhelming and wonderful.”

“We’re pleased you like it,” Rosalia said.

“So what happens now?” asked Raymond.

“Merlin shall return you to the Earth’s surface,” Lord Adama replied.

There was a moments silence.

Raymond had been so mesmerized by everything in Telos, that he hadn’t realised that he would have to be returned to the Earth’s surface.

So he and Merlin exchanged farewells with the Council, before disappearing from the chamber.

When they reappeared, they were standing by the lake near Mount Shasta, only it was a bright sunny day.

“Here we are,” Merlin said. “Right back where I met you.”

“So this is it then?”

“Yes, this is where I part with you.”

“Well, thanks for everything.”

“You’re welcome.”

Raymond exchanged farewells with Merlin, who vanished.

His adventure in Telos was over.

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