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The colourful melody
The colourful melody

The colourful melody


Blue and green and yellow.

Orange and red and pink and purple.

Bugs and flowers and trees and breath.

Stems that sprout petals stained a bright

neon pink, sway to the colourful melody.

The sky gives life to the party wearing a

pastel blue gown.

The blue gown looks splendid with the gold-

Plated clouds,

which brighten the day and light the earth.

Clouds: our mother’s emotions that break

apart and erupt.

Raindrops, the tears of our mother,

where a trail left behind after a drop drops,

fades away.

A grey sky,

and a mother’s cry,

fades away,

and leaves a beautiful trail of laughter

and sun and life.

In and out.

The breathing greens go.

In and out,

with nature’s flow.

A singing breeze hums a beat,

and the greens now start to dance.

Each brush and whisk of their bodies

creates a melody.

A hymn that makes us alive.

The melody of life.

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10 Aug, 2019
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