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the confesion to the seashore

the confesion to the seashore

By 2010princeaaron

With her long shinny black hair, big and round tantalizing eyes and her rose colored lips. He totally fall in love with this girl. Her name was Dianne and she’s had a very special wish, to meet her knight and shinning armor. But her sweet smile stops because her mother died two years ago. With her freezing voice, big and round hazel nut eyes and the tall dark reflection. She truly, madly, deeply in love with this guy. His name is Isamel a very loner person, who’s always wearing black and a very mysterious man.
It is a falling leaves season when Ismael walking on his way to his house, while watching the view of the vanilla twilight. And start asking…..
“When is the right time to be with her?”
When he looked down he saw Dianne sitting on a bench crying.
“What’s the matter why are you crying? I don’t like to see you crying.” Ismael said.
Dianne was surprised on that time because she finally heard the ice cool burst of Ismael. He sits down with Dianne and get the handkerchief from his pocket, instead Dianne get it Ismeal decided to wipe his tears.
“I’m fine, thanks to the handkerchief and to you.” Dianne said.
“Just keep this handkerchief and wipe it when you cry again. By the way my name is
Ismael and your name is Dianne.”
“Yes, I already know you since you were eight.” Dianne said.
While they start to talk each other, Ismael stares the eyes of Dianne and feel the essence of the angelic voice of her. That day they start to know each other and became friends. They talked a lot of their selves, those embarrassing and unforgettable moments that they shared together will endure forever. When Ismael lying on his bed to take some rest he accidentally remembered on what happened to him on his day and suddenly his white as pearl teeth sparks.
The next day, Dianne goes to the seashore and watches the view of the horizon. Then she recollects the memories of her mother before her mother past away. Suddenly those crystal clear tears of her dropped into the sand. And said…..
“Mama, I can’t do it without you. Whenever I get sleep, I always miss you embraces, your kiss and your voice saying “good night my little princess”. And whenever I realize that your gone and I need to accept it, mama it kills me so much. I want to be with you, I want to feel you love again and I want to back those memories with you. I want to be happy mama, and I missed you.”
Dianne feels very emotional on that afflicted time, because of her sadness she decide to follow her mother in paradise. He goes home to change her clothes, she choose to wear the white dress that her mother gave to her on her 18th birthday. On there garden where in her mother planted a lot of red roses, Dianne pick one. Then grabbed the knife and back to the seashore. In the seashore she again shed her tears, wearing white dress, right hand holding a knife and the left a rose and cuts. Just a second, Dianne fells on the ground and slowly closes her eyes while her left hand bleeds. When she lost her consciousness she saw her mother standing in front of her, and said…..
“This is not the right time for you to be with me. My dear I beg don’t forced to hurt yourself, your father was there and theirs some one who’ll I know he will truly love you. I promised to you my dear I’m just at you side. And when you miss me just look those roses that I planted and when you feel sadness just listen to the breeze and you’ll be fine. I love you my dear, I love you very much.”
Dianne grabbed the opportunity, she hug her mother tightly and cried. But those all are just a beautiful nightmare. When she’s awake from her beautiful nightmare, she wondered. Why she’s not on the paradise, why she’s on a room with doctors, nurses and patients. She thought she's dead, on her left side of her bed she saw her mother’s roses with a butterfly flying on it and she smiled. When she looked on her right side she saw Ismael sleeping on a sofa.
“Ismael…?” Dianne said.
“Are you fine?” Ismael asked.
“I supposed with my mother now, do you bring me here?” Dianne asked.
“Yes because I don’t want to lose you.”
“I only did that thing because I really missed my mama and I feel very lonely.”
“But you should live your life again without your mother, because I know that theirs someone there waiting to love you.”
“Thank you very much for saving my life Ismael”
“You know what you should put this to the deepest of your heart. Giving up doest always mean your weak, sometimes it means you’re strong enough to let go. Don’t deny it Dianne because I know words can lie but eyes can speak.” Comforting words of Ismael.
Dianne kissed Ismael on his checking hug him tightly, and then whispered.
“Thanks for helping me, thanks a lot.”
“Why you do this to me Ismael?”
“Because you saw me when I was evincible.”
Before Dianne did her decision Ismael was there trying to look after her and follow her wherever she goes, in secret. When he saw Dianne was holding a knife and cutting herself while crying and fell down. Ismael was quickly run after her, then directly called a taxi to send Dianne on a hospital.
When Ismael know a little about Dianne’s life he promised to himself that he will never hurt a woman that imparts color to his vivacity. Her father didn’t know that she’s admitted to the hospital took a tour to Europe for a business and for his girlfriend. It takes two days when Dianne leaves the hospital with Isamel. Ismael was really thankful because at last Dianne was fully recovered from the afflicted moments with her. And he planned to have a surprised date for Dianne.
“I know we became for just a week and I want to know you more. So please in this night at the seashore wear the best you have. I’ll be waiting for you.”
“Are you asking me for a date? Dianne asked.
“Ahmmm, yeah!!” Ismael replied.
On the dark quite cold night, in the seashore with bright lights and shinning stars singing in the sky. Dianne wears a red cocktail dress with black stilettos shoes. While Ismael wears a long sleeve, black jeans and all star converse shoes. Iamael and Dianne enjoys their first date togetherand when they finished eating their dinner. Ismael out on the table and said…..
“Can I have this dance?”
Then they danced together wearing their sweet smiles. While they dancing but Ismael stop then knelt to Dianne and said…..
“For a one hundred and eighty sis hour of maybe I already prove it to you the feeling deep inside that I love you with all of my heart. Dianne, I love you very much. Can you be my girl?”
“You know what; I saw you when you were eight and I’m seven on that time and know you’re already twenty and one. For fourteen years of admiring you, do you think that theirs a reason to reject you?” Dianne said.
“So you mean its yes?”
“Do you want to made it clear again? Okay, yeassssss!!!”
Then they kissed and shared the very warmest of their live and the happiness that they feel, until that day ends.
On the next day to the house of Ismael theirs a soldier with his killer smile, kissable lips and his muscular body his name is Christian. Knowing Ismael that both of then had an operation to the Saudi Arabia. Christian was his childhood friend Ismael almost treats him as his own brother, when they were young they used to telling secrets, doing a lot of foolishness and protecting each other. Ismael doubt to accept the assignment because he thinks Dianne. Then he decided to consult neither to Dianne to accept nor to reject the mission, but Dianne allow him to accept it because she realized that Ismael’s profession is being a soldier then he should do his duty.
Ismael gave only one month including Christian to stay with his family. They spend the month by doing a lot of fun. Ismael planned to have a pick nick on the beach, to spend his time with Dianne including Christian. Then Ismael and Christian did their usual thing when they at the beach. They used to play the running horse at the beach while wearing only their polka dots boxers. Dianne was very shocked on what they did, but she don’t have a choice but to watched them only. That day was full of laughter’s and foolishness until it comes to the point that Christian fall in love with Dianne, even if he knows that his friend and Dianne are lovers. Then Christian chooses to just keep it and thinks that Dianne was just a fantasy to him, until the day of their operation comes.
“Now promised me, that you will come back.” Dianne said.
“I’ll promise.” Ismael said.
When they on the battle field with guns, dynamites and bombs cracked. Ismael and Christian assigned on their ships that located on the ocean of Egypt and Saudi. But the rebellion was attacking them, using planes and helicopters in the middle of the silent night. Ismael shouted on his right shoulder and fell down to the sea. Christian didn’t know on what happened to Ismael, until the force of rebellions retreated and back to their barrack. Christian trying to find Ismael but, he fails to do it. Then he reported to their commander-in-chief asking for help to find hid best friend, their commander-in-chief was failed to do so. Then Ismael declared as an unfortunate one.
Christian was send back to London and gave the letter to Dianne that comes from the Queen of United Kingdom. The letter says; that Ismael Wakefield was died because of his faithful from his duties. When Dianne finished reading the letter, she goes to the seashore and wrote a letter from his knight and shinning armor. In his letter it says:
Being with you is my golden times. For the memories and love that we shared each other that I treasure it the most, I promise it’ll endures forever. You know how much I love you; you know that you and you only can own my heart. I know you don’t want to see me crying but like this gives me a time to mourn, because it is not easy for me to accept it. Let me say this to you “you are my air, my water, my food. You are baby, my love and to sum it all up you are my life.” I love you very much and farewell my dear.
Then she put it on the transparent empty bottle and exiled it away to the sea. Dianne can’t control her tears to drop; she used to cry all the pains and promised that when she finished crying she will leave her life again. On the times of sadness that Dianne’s encountered Christian was their trying to comfort her.
“We both loosed an important one and I’m sure when he saw you like this for sure he doesn’t like it.” Christian said.
Dianne was used to be alone and asked a favor to Christian, for a space, then promised to him that when he finished mourning, she will be fine. On the next day Christian goes to the house of Dianne asking her to go wherever they like to go. It takes months for her to accept the truth to herself that Ismael was gone. Then Christian asked her for a date using his mustang they goes to the sea trying to forget all the sad memories that they encountered. On the beach Christian said the feeling deep inside of him.
“I don’t know how to say this but I can’t hide it forever. I know Ismael is on your heart and it stays forever but give me a chance to love you and protect you like what he did. “Pleading says of Ismael.
Then they kissed and making love. On that day Dianne starting to live her life, but Ismael is the only one that inside of her heart. Three months later Christian and Dianne received a letter says that Ismael is not dead his alive.
Ismael was not dead he was found by the fishermen floating and no consciousness. He stayed five months on the huse of the fishermen, gathering strength. Then contact the Britain’s Navy office to get him in the Egypt. Ismael was excited to see Dianne and Christian. The next day Ismael was surprised Dianne on his coming back. The first thing Ismael did is too kissed with passion with Dianne and hug tightly.
“I really miss you. I thought it is the time for me to die I almost gave up, but I remembered that I promised to the girl I love that I’ll be back. You know what Dianne you and Christian was my source of hope, strength and fighting spirit. I love you very much.” (Kissed) Ismael said.
On their conversations, Christian was their surprised he just mesmerizing when he saw Ismael.
“It tooked a long time Ismael many things has change when your not here. I and Christian thought your dead. Sorry to tell you this but I already love Christian. Sorry.” Lachrymals says Dianne.
Ismael looked to Christian angrily and walked away, the next day their commander-in-chief and his fellow soldier including Christian welcoming him in his coming back. Then Ismael requested to his commander-in-chief to send him again to the operation silence was occurred to everyone and fascinated to Ismael. Christian was unforeseen on what Ismael’s did then he decided to go with Ismael, they just given’ five days to prepare. After five day before the sun rise there are fifty soldiers sent to the battle field, while Christian and Ismael at rest they heard explosion of the fire arms. It took an hours when their leader expressed a signal to attached, but in the middle of all Christian was shouted three time in different parts of his body. Then Ismael quickly to Christian for him to be safe but it’s to late….. Christian was catching his breath and suffered the pain that he feels…..
“Ismael its end of the road for me. Ismael before I die can I asked a favor to you? When I die, love Dianne and burn my body then my ashes throw it on the beach were we used to play in our childhood days.” Christian said.
“No, you cant be die you’ll ganna be a father.” Ismael said while crying.
“No. you’ll ganna be a father please. Please treat my child as your child, love my baby. Ismael sorry for what I did to you, good bye…………” Then took his last breath Christian and died.
Before Ismael ang Christian goes to the operation. Dianne goes to the office of Ismael and told him that Christian was going to be a father because Dianne was two months pregnant on that said time.
When Dianne goes to the Britain’s Navy’s office to say the good news to Christian…..
“Sir, can I talked to 1st Lieutenant Christian Sartwell.” Dianne asked.
The commander-in-chief was called Ismael to explain what happened to Christian.
“Follow me…..” Ismael said.
They go to the office of Christian. When they got their first thing Dianne saw was a coffin and she wondered. When she looked the coffin he saw the father of her baby (Christian), and then Ismael explained to her.
“His gone Dianne.” Ismael said.
“No, it can’t be.” Dianne cried.
Then Ismael hugs him.
Two years later, Ismael and Dianne decided to get married and Dianne bears a handsome baby boy named Christian Luke. Ismael did his promise to Christian that he will love his son. Ismael decided to retire from the service and focused to his son.

The end

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