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The Cortrax Program

The Cortrax Program

By Nathan Easterly - 1 Review

Audio log 001, December 6th, 2018 My name is Flinn O`rielly and today I start the Cortrax program. In the program I will be administered pharmaceutical supplements to see how effective they combat certain symptoms.They have encouraged me to create audio logs in order to give feedback to what I am feeling. I am just one of the 50 people assigned to the program.We are in some kind of lab and we all have our own rooms, but it seems to be built like a prison in.We are all put into different blocks and we have one giant lunchroom.We have been told not to speak to other program participants except when we are in the lunchroom. The building has no windows or natural source of light. There are a bunch of lights all over the ceiling but very few of them are ever on.the lights that are on emit white light instead of the standard yellow hue that I am accustomed to.The walls are also a vibrant shade of white. I have a bookshelf with a bunch of the latest books but other than that all of the rooms contents seem to be white.Tomorrow I start the first trial, so I should get some rest. Flinn signing off.

Audio log 002-1, December 7th, 2018 All my life I have struggled with struggled with my alcohalism. I have done many terrible things that I cannot remember,but deep down I know they were my fault.The most recent took the life of my sister.I can only remember bits and pieces of the night it happened.I was at home in my usual stooper neglecting my job and my resonsibilities.The landlord had previously stopped by my apartment to pick up my rent he did not come inside, because I was screaming at him from the other side of the door. that day he wouldn't call the cops for he and I were best friends in school,instead he called my sister who was known to have kept me calm in the past.when she arrived I had already been way passed the point of calming down my apartments wall were riddled with holes that I did not remember making iremember yelling and screaming at her but nothing else.I vaguely remember going to bed thinking she had left.when I woke the next morning I was drenched in the unmistakable thick crimson liquid of blood I rushed to the bathroom to see if I was bleeding.but I could find no sign of even the smallest cut.

I knew then that I must have done something truly hainess.I walked from my bedroom into my living room and descovered a truely gruesome scene.the walls were splattered with thick red blood that dripped into a lake upon the floor.My sisters mangled corpse was pinned the wall.Her eyes had been gouged out and her entrails wrapped around her throat like macabre scarf. I stood there stairing at her lifeless body wheeping for what I had done to one of the only people I had ever loved. It wasn't long after that the police had arrived and took me into custody.I told them exactly what happened and plead guilty to manslaugter. Three years into my 15 year sentence I was approached by the founder of three Cortrax program,He told me that he could fix my alcohal problem and make me repay my debt to society by having me be a test subject in the program and that is how I got here. I have just been told I am to report to the testing room. Flinn signing off

Author Notes: I will accept any criticism that may help me Improve upon my writing that being said try to keep the criticism as constructive as possible and the story is not yet complete but I plan on finishing it in the future

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About The Author
Nathan Easterly
About This Story
6 Mar, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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