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The Cosmic Show
The Cosmic Show

The Cosmic Show

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Grab a seat,

Nestle and chill.

This Ceres will please

And even thrill.


The stage was raised

In a faraway age.


If you care to make the climb

Into the spaceship of your mind

We will traverse with a burst --

The finds will be sublime.


First a BOOM!

Then a BLAST!

Past the moon

Light-speed fast.


Among the stars we will trek,

Gravity behind our back --

Look! Home is but a speck.


Off we go

To The Show

That's far superior

To the interior

Of that blue rock below.


Above the stuff,

Beyond the yawn:

Radiance of

Alien dawn.


Let go of terrestrial,

Let's go to celestial.



Enter Galactic --

It's matchless magic.


A span outside the span

Of man to understand.


It took a minute to make

And the action isn't fake.


Far reach and vast:

A star-studded cast.


On the Grand Director's screen:

Characters you've never seen.


Treasures of neon

Measured in eons.


Advanced expanse,

Stars that dance.


Galleries of galaxies,

Odyssey of oddity.

What next?

Planet X

Or E.T.s @ Gala Z?


The golden glow of olden globes

Dwarfs our Earth's brightest shows.


We are findin'

Worlds of diamonds.


Sparked by sparkles to linger

Like diamonds on a finger.


Starin' @ Saturn's pattern:

Rings like wings

Zing with bling

And seem to sing.


Enormous forces in orbit

That force us toward euphoric --

Let us just absorb it.


Through a swirl and whirl

We reach a new world:

Days are

Lit by lasers.

Those rays are

From quasars.


A sun like none before it --

A portrait unrecorded.


Oh the places with faces!

Traces of Space's races.


See the beings?

A sea of beings.


Beastly species,

Speechless species.


Featured creatures:

Alien creatures


Radiant features.


Epic entities,

Entities of energies.


Androids ride asteroids

In this astro void.


Back home,

What's on?

A tale of comedy.

Up here,

What flares?

The tail of Comet D.


A stellar performance --

Colorful! Enormous!


Humans tune in

To illusion.


Holds our focus.


In a place

Where faces race

To the base

There's a grace

When faces raise

To amazing Space.


There's recovery

In discovery.



Limelight --

Not quite

So bright.



© Matt Decker

Author Notes: Ceres Premiere

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
19 Dec, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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