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The Cougar Painting

The Cougar Painting

By jobella


Chapter 1:

After wandering around the old Cougar mansion

for about an hour

Troy Anderson walked over to his girlfriend

Wendy Adams and asked

“Wendy, can we please get out of here?”

This place is starting to creep me out.”

But Wendy didn’t answer him.

She seemed to be lost in some sort

of faraway trance

While staring at a picture of Betty Cougar,

which was hanging on the wall

Above the fire place

In the picture Betty was sitting in a rocking chair

on the mansion front porch

Standing next to her was a small child who

seemed to be pointing at something

But all Troy could make out from looking

at it.

was some strange blurry outline

That looked like another small child

“Hello, Wendy

earth to Wendy, come on in!”

He cried out snapping his fingers in

her face

“What’s the matter?”

She asked snapping out of her trance

“Nothing’s the matter.

I just want to get out of here

before old Betty, asks me out!”

He laughed


Don’t flatter yourself.” Wendy snorted

“Well, I got you to go out with me.

Didn’t I?”

Troy proudly smiled


but I only agreed because Brad Pitt,

was already taken!”

She laughed as she picked up her bag

off from the floor

“Very funny,”

Troy frowned taking her hand

and leading

her to the front door

“I wonder why nobody else showed up.

I mean this

place has been closed for almost

twenty years or so

“You’d think that there would be a

line of people waiting to go in.”

Wendy told him once they were outside.

Troy didn’t answer her,

he just started to walk faster

He wanted to get far

away from the old mansion

as soon as possible.

He didn’t know why but covering

this story

about the re-opening didn’t feel right


Who is in la-la land now?”

Wendy smiled

“Huh?” Oh, sorry.

Maybe they didn’t hear about it yet,

but for now let’s go get something

to eat

“I’m starving.” He shrugged

Chapter 2:

They went to a local pizza shop and ordered

“Well, we’re off to a good start.”

Wendy sighed

while picking at her salad

“Don’t worry about it Wen,

after we finish eating we’ll head out to

the library.

I’m sure we’ll find something that

we can use.” Troy told her

“Here, I got you something.”

He added smiling.

He reached into his pocket and

pulled out

a small black box and handed it to her

“Oh, Troy you shouldn’t have!”

Wendy cried out happily

before she opened it.

inside was a small whistle tied to

a long black cord

Wendy put it around her neck and added

“How does it look?”

“Just for your information the guy at

the gift shop

told me that the artist who made it.

was one of the best artist in the world.”

Troy pouted

“Oh yah, right,

maybe in whistle world.


Wendy laughed

before flicking her pickle in his direction

“Oh, real mature.

Aren’t we just a bit too old

to be playing with our food?”

Troy frowned

“I’m very mature Troy,

but then I started dating you

and well.”

Wendy shrugged


come on let’s get out of here.”

Troy frowned

A few minutes later they walked inside

the Bay Hills Library.

Wendy walked up to the old lady

who was sitting behind the

front desk

“Excuse me,

my friend and I are from

the Havens newspaper and.”

“Never heard of you.”

The old lady frowned

“Oh, we’re an out of town newspaper.

Sort of a ghost hunters

but instead of a tv show we write

about it.”

Wendy explained

The old lady didn’t answer

she just gave Wendy a weird look

“Any way we were sent out to cover the

story of the Cougar mansion re-opening.”

Wendy began

“That place has been

closed for the last twenty years.”

The old lady snorted

“I know.

But I’m sure that you’ve heard

that they’ve re-opened it again.”

Wendy answered

“No, I haven’t.

besides why in the world would

they want to reopen

that old place again for?”

Is this some kind of joke?”

The old lady scowled


“Listen miss,

I’m not interested in anything that

has to do with that place.

I’m afraid that I can’t help you,

now if you’d excuse me I’ve a lot

of work to do.”

The old lady frowned.

She then picked up her papers

and went

inside her office behind the counter

“Gee. Thanks lady, you were

very helpful.”

Wendy muttered to herself then

went to look for Troy

“So what did you find out?”

He asked looking up from

the computer screen

“Nothing, the old lady just looked at me

like I suddenly grew another head.

As soon as I mentioned the

Cougar mansion.”

Wendy sighed

“Oh, maybe you scared her you

do some times have that effect on people.”

Troy smiled

“Not funny. So what did you come up

with computer boy?”

Wendy smirked

“Well, I tried looking for any headlines

announcing the re-opening.

But I couldn’t find anything which

I thought was strange

“I would’ve thought that whoever

planned this

would at least have a web page

or something.” Troy explained

“I don’t know Troy;

I’m starting to get a funny feeling

about this whole thing.

I thought we’d come out here take

a few pictures, talk to a few people,

and we’d have the rest of

the weekend for ourselves

“But now every time we

even mention the word Cougar,

these people look at us like

we just killed their first born child

or something.”

Wendy sighed

“I know. I got the same feeling

So, I did a quick google

search on the Cougars.”

Troy answered her

“It seems that old Fred Cougar,

build that place for his lovely bride Betty- “

“I guess

they didn’t have whistles back then!”

Wendy interrupted laughing

“Funny, anyways

thing seemed to be going good

for the love birds,

until her forty birthday.”

Troy started to explain


What happened on her birthday?” Wendy asked

“Well, according to what I read Fred,

threw her one hell of a birthday party.

The whole town was there having

a grand time

until one of the banker’s daughter

disappeared into thin air.”

Troy answered her

“Oh wow!” Wendy cried out

“Oh wow, is right.

Of course the police did they’re thing

but they didn’t find her,

a few months later Fred

threw another party.”

“And let me guess another girl disappeared.”

Wendy interrupted


And it happened four more times

before the cops

began to suspect old Fred of foul play

“Since all the girls went missing while

his house.

But they couldn’t pin anything on him,


himself, was so disturb by the whole thing

“That he ordered Betty,

to pack up their stuff and moved

out of the mansion.”

Troy explained

“Did they ever find out

what happened to the girls?” Wendy asked

“Relax there Nancy Drew,

I was just looking into that when

you showed up.”

Troy stated

Chapter 3:

Troy typed in a new google search

“Hey, check it out!”

He cried.

“It says here:

That Betty Cougar,

was brought in to be questioned about

the missing girls.

After reading some more he cried out again

“Holy crap!”

After a few hours she confessed on

murdering the girls,

after finding out that they had been

having an affair with her husband

“What a naughty boy

you were Freddy boy!”

Troy laughed

Wendy shot him a dirty look

before asking

“What happened to her?”

Troy scrolled down the page

and answered

“Umm, she was charged

with six counts of first degree.

But instead of serving any jail time,

everyone involved decided that

it’d be better

“If she serves her time locked up in

some private mental hospital.

I guess money talked even back then.”

Troy shrugged

“Figures, and Fred,

what happened to him? Wendy frowned

“He disappeared for a while.

And whoa!”

a year later when

he suddenly appeared again.

He moved back in with Betty!”

Troy cried out

“What?” No way!”

How did that happen?” Wendy yelled

“According to this Fred,

paid some mad money and threatened

that he had magical powers

And would put a curse on the whole town.

If they didn’t release her to him.”

Troy read

“And they really

believed that stupid story?”

Wendy snorted

“Not only did they believe it.

but according to this Fred,

became so obsessive with the

occult that he never left his house.

“The few people that he did allow

inside told strange tales of how

Fred went on and on of how

He’d hear the voices of the dead girls

calling out to him.” Troy answer

“Until one night he totally snapped

and drowned Betty,

and then set the mansion on fire.

Some of the town’s people say

that only Betty died that night

“That Fred escaped through one of

the secret tunnels.” He added

“Oh wow,

no wonder no one will talk to us.

But if the mansion burnt down who

rebuild it and why.”

Wendy asked frowning

“That babe is the

six-million-dollar question.

Maybe Freddy did it!” Troy laughed.

And before she had a chance

to answer him back

The old lady that Wendy had talked to before

walked up from behind them

and cried out

“We’re closing now!”

“Wow, lady!”

You just scared the hell out of me!”

Wendy cried out


but we’re about to close.

And you’ll have to leave now.”

The old lady frowned


We’re going and thanks for all

your help.”

Wendy smirked before

she and Troy gathered up their stuff

Chapter 4:

A few minutes later they were walking

pass the old mansion.

When Wendy suddenly stopped then

started walking up

the mansion drive way

“Hey, where are you going?”

Troy called after her

“I just want to check out

something really quick.”

She answered him

“You want me to go with you?”

Troy asked


I’ll be right back.” Wendy smiled.

And before he could stop her

she vanished through the front doors

A couple of minutes passed and there

was no sign of Wendy

“I wonder what’s taking her so long?”

Troy asked himself.

He slowly went inside and was

about to call out for Wendy.

But the sound of laughter coming

from one

of the upstairs room interrupted him

“Oh great,

she must’ve found someone

to interview.”

Troy decided to give her

a few more minutes before interrupting.

But after ten minutes went by

Troy began to get a funny feeling

“That’s it.

I’m not going to wait inside

this creepy place all night.”

He started to go up the stairs

when something caught his eye


I don’t remember seeing this

picture before.”

He went to get a closer look at it

It was the picture of Betty Cougar

that was hanging above

the fire place

But this time it looked

completely different

“Holy shit!”

There’s no freaking way!”

Troy started to run up the stairs

calling out Wendy’s name.

but she didn’t answer

When he reached to the top of the stairs the

first thing he noticed was that Wendy’s bag

was lying on the floor

And the sound of laughter

suddenly grew louder

as he ran from room to room

yelling out for Wendy

Chapter 5:

When the cops found Troy a

couple hours later.

They found him crawled up

crying hysterically

When they finally got him to

calm down

to asked what happened

All Troy would say was that the house

had just murdered his

girlfriend Wendy

Then hid her body inside the painting

that was hanging by the fire place

Copy rights © belong to jack 2006

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