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The Couple Next Door
The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door


"Just let me go!" Mrs Tensing shouted. "I can't stay in this marriage any longer, I must leave!". Every night I hear the sound of beatings and groanings. It disturbs me, and makes it harder for me to have a good night sleep. I complain every morning to mommy that the neighbours next door irritates me. A small girl as I am I have no idea what was going on in that house.

It was 9pm, and as it is every other night Mr and Mrs Tensing was in a heated battle field. I flipped open my window peeped through and saw a great horror. Mrs Tensing was been assaulted by her beloved husband. There was no one to her rescue except for their three year old daughter Abigail who witness this every other night. The little girl could do nothing but to watch and cry for daddy to stop but he didn't. He dragged the girl by her hand unto the sofa near by and continue his beatings.

I was so shocked to see this. How can this lovely couple who walked the aisle just four years ago lose all the love and beauty. What might have gone wrong. As a young girl myself I couldn't understand a thing. I spent all night up wondering about the couple next door.

On my way to school I bumped into Mrs Tenseng who was walking her daughter to school. I greeted her and walked on . I don't know what got to me but I waited for her to pass by me. I saw a piece of handkerchief on the ground I presume it was hers and hurriedly gave to her. Her eyes was teary, the round face bruised with strips all around her silky body. O my God. What a world we live in.

Later when I came home I asked my mom to tell me about the couple next door.

Mom said they were the loveliest couple in town. They were envied by most and loved by many. The love they shared was not short of a fantasy. However as years gone by the love declined. The joys dwindled and the only noise we hear from their house is that of groans, and silent tears. Mr Tensing lost his job as a banker, Mrs Tensing who was a nurse left her job and became a house to please her husband. After several unlucky attempts to acquire a job Mr Tensing grew love for gambling, lottery, alcohol. He blames his unlucky fate to his wife and beats her every night. She continues to stay in the marriage because it is said that marriage is for better for worse. She enjoyed the better days and is still determined to dwell in the bad days.

I asked my mom why Mrs Tensing has that determination knowing very well that she is badly hurt every other night.

My dear girl "marriage is a long journey which only ends with death so when you grow up and wants to marry choose wisely but first pray to God for guidance"

I concluded that Mrs Tensing chose a good man except that they are finding themselves at the wrong side of the boat. Very soon when the tides change i believe the patience Mrs Tensing has will let her husband come to His senses and live as a lovely couple again.

But will all this be possible? Who knows time will only tell.

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28 Jan, 2020
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2 mins
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