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The Crash
The Crash

The Crash


She Didn't know she was happy until the day she wasn't. She had a husband, a good job, a nice house and two beautiful daughters. She got paid a good salary every week. One day when she was at work her husband had gone to pick the girls up from school. She got a phone call saying her husband and kids had been hit by a drunk driver. She ran out of the building and got into her car. When she got to the scene she was in tears. Her oldest daughter was not wearing a sweat belt and she had gone through the windshield. Her youngest daughter was knocked out blood everywhere and her husband had already been put into the ambulance. Her youngest daughter was the only one to make it out alive, but she was in a coma. Her husband and kids were the only thing she could ever think of she could not take the pain any longer. She kept thinking about the crash. One day she was looking out the window on the third floor of where she worked and she jumped. She had ended her life and her youngest daughter went into foster care because she no longer had a family to go to.

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13 Oct, 2020
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1 min
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