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The Crazy Love Between Us
The Crazy Love Between Us

The Crazy Love Between Us

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It was evening, when Sydney and I finished our classes. I was in home as usual doing my homework. I got a messgage from a friend that 'You should just tell him.' I had to do this. So, I picked up my phone and just texted him.

Me- Hi!

Sydney- Hey! Sup?

Me- I wanna tell you something which I can't keep it to myself anymore.

Sydney- Um... Are u ok?

Me- I like you, Sid! I like you since class 6. I have a huge crush on you! I know we had a fight in the mid 7th because your friend bullied me and you were with him. But still I love you. I can't keep this anymore.

Sydney- Woaw! You serious?

Me- Yes... And I am so sorry... if you don't then just say it in front, I don't care...

Sydeny- That's not the issue... I like you.... You are pretty and cool. You have been my patner is Chemistry since a week but it felt like forever. I mean this is not a joke. I love you... You are my first crush! You aren't like other girls. And I know that your best friend loves me... Last night she texted me...

Me- What?! Leah!?

Sydney- Ya... she broke up last night with Dustin...

Sydney- Will your parents be okay?

Me- Ya... they are fine but promise that this will never come between our studies.

Sydney- Promise...

Me- I can't believe this... No one has loved me before...

Sydney- I like you since 7th... and right now when I got to know that you are coming then, I had to talk to you...

Me- I am glad about that.... my friend gave me a good advice to just tell you...

Sydney- Who! Leah?!

Me- No... A friend online... you don't know

Sydney- Well then, say thanks from my side tooo... I didn't have the courage to say that to you... You were brave! This was way more tough than fencing!!

Me- Ya... definately! :)

It was tough but I overcame it... and now I am so glad that I have a boyfriend!!!

Thank a million... Sydney says thanks to you...

I hope you see this! The one who gave me the courage to talk!

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19 Nov, 2020
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1 min

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