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Sansid is from FR France • 17 y/o • Female

I will not cry for you, cause my mascara is to expensive! ~ Sansid


I have just started writing books. I am hoping to write a great novel someday, that people love to read. I want to encourage people to

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About me!

So... I am just a girl of 13. I love fashion (specially 80s and 90s) and love reading and writing books. One of the things which I am learning is hand lettering. I am also learning French. I am always learning something new, every year. Basically, I am into sports and stuff. I play basketball and I am a Asian Tennis Player too. I am also a black belt Karate student, so don't ever fight with me (Just Kidding).

I am very sweet and helpful. You ask help, I am there for you. I am very easy to understand and very supportive (my family and friends say that).

Other than that, I love eating everything (except non-veg). I am vegetarian. Sometimes I also go to vegan and I know a lot of about fitness and nutrition.

My favourite authors are Charles Dicken, Karen Mcmanus, Shakespare, Angie Thomas and a lot. I ahve explore a lot of books. I haven't actually read a lot of series. I get atrracted with like an inspirational and thriller/ horror/ mysterious books.

The colours I like are all shades of blue and black. They soothe me.

I even love listening music, though I don't like singing. I love Ed Shereen. He is very cool. I like to listen To fly, Wash it over me, Perfect, Galway Girl and many more (I have lost count of my playlist in phone).

I am kinda tomboy and not like a girly person. So, I mostly connect better with boys, but our Patriarchal society doesn't. They are much better. I find them very flexible and cool. They don't take things to their heart and are kinda really cool. No offense, girls but I find boys better.

I am working on 2-3 novels, right now which are going very well.

My strong subjects and Social Studies and French.

If you want to know more about me or wanna be friends than click of the add friend button and msg me! I would love you talk to you guys. :)

Sending you love and light!



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