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Books, Our Best Friend During the Lockdown
Books, Our Best Friend During the Lockdown

Books, Our Best Friend During the Lockdown

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This lockdown is there for us to remain protected and healthy. Many people are unsettled and finding it problematic. It is hard to continue like this for months, but we don’t have a choice. During this lockdown, people are trying to stay engaged in something so that they are not feeling jaded.

Book reading is a low priority for us even before the lockdown. People rather are on screens and the internet. We all were very busy in life with our routines and did not have time for our interests but when we have the time now, but we are not doing it. Instead of that, we see the internet as the only way of spending time. Our phones chirping with messages and blogs, we stay on social media, friends calling and chatting with us, we stay on the the the internet most of the time.

Book reading is a hobby which is very interesting and fun. It is a very interesting way of entertainment. Books improve our emotional development, it makes us more empathetic, supports us to keep emotional balance, doesn't allow emotions to influence our growth. It is way better than spending time on the internet. A book is not just where we discover new words and improve our vocabulary and language, it more than that. It is a book of thoughts and a way to express our feelings. A book drives us deeper into our minds and thoughts. We think better. It opens our minds and we get motivated by it. At times, we see our reflection in it and get to see who we are. We find various views and experiences of the world and life. They change our perspectives on life. A book makes us a better being. We feel connected with it.

The interesting thing about books is that we are never harmed by it in any way. A book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you. They are more patient than people. They will never make you feel alone especially in situations like we all are facing. They will make you laugh in your bad times, like, we have this lockdown which has spread a disappointment. Books are packed with knowledge, insights into a happy life, life lessons, love, fear, prayer, and helpful advice. The best thing about books is that they never judge you, they will accept you the way you are.

For the bookworms or booklovers, it is the best time to read and explore more. Books are our best friends or companions that will always teach you the right principles of life and make you a better person. There is not just book reading to engage ourselves. There are loads of hobbies to do during this lockdown. There can be a chance that you find out something you like or your new talent. There is always a bright side to every situation in life, it is just, we have to find it out.

Author Notes: All the booklovers and bookworms, a humble request to please write in the review section.
Hoping that u loved it!

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13 Sep, 2020
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