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Who are teachers? Why are they so special?
Who are teachers? Why are they so special?

Who are teachers? Why are they so special?

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" A mediocre teacher tells. A good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. A good teacher inspires."

-William Arthur Ward

We all celebrate Teacher's day every year on the 5th of September. We all perform acts and make it an exceptional day for them. We all make her feel amusing but what about the rest of the days?

A teacher plays an incredibly significant role in all the students' lives. After parents, they are our well-wishers, who will continuously aspire their students to exceed in life. Teachers are not just who teach us English, Maths, Science, they are more than that. A good teacher is a blessing for students who supports them to learn the moral values of life along with education. They will always see the best in you and try to promote you and strengthen you. They will make their best efforts to help you when you have difficulties. Teachers influence our lives. They all guide us on the correct path. They make us a better human being. They show us how to face the world when we grow up and leave school.

There are some teachers whose teachings will be there in our memories, forever. The teacher who inspires us is a teacher who is remembered lifelong. Their personality traits have a deep impact on her students. They are like our friends whom we can share our feelings and problems openly and freely.

A teacher is very valuable in life. The students are the future and future development is in the hands of the teachers who teach and will teach them.

To the world, they might just be a teacher, but for their students, they are our heroes. It is not just Teacher's Day to make your teachers happy, you can make them happy every day by knowing your teachers better and giving your teachers more significance in life.

Author Notes: Please give some advice, I have written my first easy!

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13 Sep, 2020
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